Importance of Aadhar Card

The Aadhar card is a biometric card that stores the personal details of the individual in the database of the government, and it is becoming the government’s base for the welfare of the common citizens and their services. It is a unique number of twelve digits that is issued to every citizen of India which is a centralized and universal identification number. It is based on the biometric, and the demographic data that is collected by the Unique Identification Authority of India abbreviated as UIDAI. The Aadhar card is extremely useful for both the government and the citizens of the country.

importance of aadhar card

Why Aadhar card is important?

  • First of all, the Aadhar card is a digital proof of identity of the citizens of the country which is extremely vital.
  • The Aadhar based Direct Benefit Transfer abbreviated as DBT which is linked to some public subsidy and various other unemployment benefit schemes like the LPG subsidy scheme. This LPG subsidy scheme is known as PAHAL. In these systems, the amount of the grant is directly transferred into the bank account of the individual which is linked with the Aadhar. One simply needs to visit the nearest distributor of LPG and get the Aadhar number linked with the consumer id number of the LPG account.
  • According to the Jan Dhan Yojna Scheme, the Aadhar Card is the only required document to open a bank account. The Aadhar Card is the sufficient proof that is required. It helps one to open an instant account with the bank without the headache of having to produce a bunch of other documents in the bank. Thus, the Aadhar Card has made it incredibly easy and convenient for the citizens to open an account with the bank.
  • One of the greatest importance of Aadhar card is in the making of the passport. Possessing the Aadhar Card makes it incredibly easy for the making of the passport and that too within a surprising time span of just a mere ten days. This is simply a great sigh of relief for almost all who requires the passport in a quick time. Under this format, the verification by the police is done at a later date as in contrast to the previous rule where the police verification was a mandate beforehand which was time-consuming. As of now, the government has made it mandatory to possess the Aadhar Card for the making of a passport.
  • The Aadhar Card is now being linked to the Voter’s Id card, and this is mainly done to eliminate the bogus voters. If the Aadhar number is connected to the Voter’s Id card, then it would just become impossible for a person possessing multiple Voter’s Identity card to illegally use it since the Aadhar number is unique for every citizen of the country.
  • The Aadhar Card has now become critical to get new connection and a SIM card for a mobile phone which is mainly done for the prevention of fraudulent activities
  • The Aadhar Card is also being linked with the attendance book of all the employees of the government, and hence it is a vital component for all the government employees.
  • All the pensioners from the selected states will now have to link their Aadhar Card number to their respective departments to receive the monthly pension. This move was mainly initiated to prevent fraudulent incidents of the beneficiaries requesting for the pension.
  • Similar to the case of the pension, the money of the provident fund will also be given to the individuals who have registered their Aadhar number with the Employee Provident Fund Organization abbreviated as EPFO.
  • Availing the facility of digital locker system better known as the Digi Locker requires the person to link the Aadhar number. This service can be used by everyone to store all personal documents and information on the server owned by the government of the country.
  • Getting any kinds of scholarships from the government, it requires for the individual to link the Aadhar number to their bank account and the amount of scholarship will be directly transferred to the Aadhar enabled bank account.

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Thus, it can be very well seen how important the Aadhar card is for the availing numerous benefits from the government besides the Aadhar being a digital proof of identity for every individual. Considering the increasing acceptance of the Aadhar Card, it is very essential for every citizen of the country to get it issued as early as possible.


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