Importance of adventure

Our day to day lives are chock full of monotony. We go to school or to work every morning, slog for the better part of the day to earn our livelihood or in preparation for the same, and then we come back to our respective homes. Once we are home, we are consumed by either household chores or family obligations, or by more work that needs to be done to fulfill our expectations from life. An adventure forms a great way of escape from this monotony helping us forget about our daily troubles for a while and concentrate on something that we would not ordinarily do.

importance of adventure

You don’t really need a reason to embark on an adventure. But if you are really looking for an excuse, we have put together a list of more than a few.


To begin with, being on an adventurous holiday gives a great boost to your self-learning and realization process. Ever noticed how many coming of age movies involve the main characters going off to explore unknown and uncharted territories? There is a reason for that. When you go out alone and unsupervised in an unknown world, you are left to fend for yourself, and in the process, you learn about how much you can cope with, how you really behave in truly stressful situations, and how much practical you are. On the other hand, when you are left alone and away from your usual surroundings, moral boundaries begin to relax, and this is when you find the inner saint or monster surfacing. An adventurous holiday is really what makes yourself known to you.

Learning new things

Going on an adventure holiday lets you become something different for a little while. When you are in a different country, free from familiar social boundaries, you can shed your old skin for some time and become someone else. You can adopt a different lifestyle while you are adapting to the life in an unfamiliar place. But, because we can never really become someone completely different, this is a chance to really explore yourself and set new goals for yourself. For many people, and adventure holiday is a way to learn new things and reshape their life’s philosophy. You might find out that you want something different from your life that will be more satisfying than anything you have been doing so far.

Facing your fears

An adventurous holiday is a great way of facing your fears. Most of us are, to some extent, afraid of doing new things and getting out of our comfort zone. As we all know, we would never really grow as long as we only stay within our comfort zones, and an adventure trip is the best way of achieving this kind of personal growth. If you are afraid of socializing, going to an unfamiliar place on your own will force you to mix with different people just to get through each day. if you are afraid of heights, bungee jumping and parasailing are good ways of dispelling that fear. If you are afraid of stepping into the water, go snorkeling or river rafting. No matter what your fear is, there is something out there in your itinerary that will force you to face them head on.

Experiencing diversity

There is nothing like an adventure trip when you want to broaden your horizons. When you go on a trip to distant lands, you meet different kinds of people, and you can experience and immerse yourself in a culture that is completely different from your own. Going solo is the best way to experience this as not having anyone of your own kind with you will take you out to socialize with the locals even more. Such a journey changes our perspective by making us acknowledge the diversity of the world and the smallness of our own lives pitted against it.

An adventurous holiday is one of the best ways of making you self sufficient and boosting your confidence. Going on a solo trip in foreign countries forces you to deal with your troubles all alone, with no one else to fall back on. This is the only time of your life when you are truly accountable for everything you do, and you have only yourself to blame or to praise. This makes you more efficient in handling day to day activities, makes you a better planner, and makes you more confident about being able to handle whatever life throws at you. When you return from the trip, you will be a far more responsible and mature person than the one who left the airport.

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