Benefits of studying abroad

Going abroad for educational purposes is nothing new. People all over the world have been migrating to different countries since centuries to learn at esteemed educational institutions. In ancient times, there were only a few universities in the world, and we can today read about scholars who came from far and wide, crossing oceans and mountains, to enroll at those universities. Today, of course, it has become much more common, and much easier as well to enroll in a course overseas at a university of your choice. But what is the reason for this exodus that happens every year in every country? In this article, we will try to find out the reason behind this phenomenon of going to study overseas.

benefits of abroad study

Learning experience

To begin with, it is a great experience. If you are enrolling in a course in a university that is in a foreign country, you are basically deciding to live, as a resident, in an unknown place. You will have to accustom yourself with the customs of that particular country and the area where you are living, you will have to adapt to a different lifestyle- because every county and every region has a particular set of rules and rituals that are peculiar to itself. It is probable that you will be facing a language barrier. Most importantly, you will be left all alone to fend for yourself, and you will be your own responsibility.

Better career

When you come back home after a stint at a foreign university, you will be a lot more employable than you were when you left. This is because the experience overseas will provide you with soft skills that are highly valued in any workplace- language skills, self sufficiency, cultural flexibility, better ability to adjust and an open mind that is willing to learn new things. These things are necessary to have if you wish to survive in a foreign country, and they will become inherent in your character by the time you return. Remember, a degree is extremely important, but there will be scores of others who will possess the same degree with the same scores; what will set you apart are your soft skills.

Learning new languages

A stint at an educational institution abroad is a great way of learning a new language or two. When you are enrolled in a university abroad, it is likely that you will face a language barrier. While English is the lingua franca, it is still not spoken fluently by everyone in all parts of the world. While you may be able to do the needful within the university campus, you will not be as comfortable outside if you do not learn the local language. Studying abroad is a very good way of improving your language skills; if you come across fellow students from different nationalities, you will get the opportunity to pick up their languages as well.

Cultural education

In this age of globalization, cultural stagnation is something you should avoid at all costs. While the media of television and social media do allow us to expose ourselves to the cultures of different parts of the world, there is nothing like firsthand experience. By moving, temporarily, to a different part of the world and study there, you will be able to learn about a completely new culture. By living as a resident you will learn about their customs and rituals. If you move to a multicultural country like The United States, it will provide you with the opportunity to mingle with people from a variety of cultures. This will imbibe in you a great respect for other people and their cultures.

Rounded education

Every institution and every country has its own style of teaching. By enrolling in a university of a foreign country, you will acquaint yourself with a new style of learning. This will provide you with the opportunity to see your subject of choice from a different perspective. Depending on where you are, you may also be allowed to take up subjects that were either mot available in your county, or you were not eligible to study them. You will also be able to take up a host of extracurricular activities that may not have been available in your home country.

The decision to study abroad is certainly a sound one. It is a truly the most rounded education you can give yourself, not just in terms of formal education but also in terms of the development of your personality. However, it is important to keep in mind that education like this is probably costlier than what it would cost you in your home country; so, it is best to assess everything, from the standard of the university to your accommodation, carefully, before you take the leap.


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