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How to get investors to fund your application

So many ways out there that you can choose from to get the funding you need for your new application. But before you proceed you need some ideas about where and how to start. How to start If you have an application idea that you know will change the world, Let me tell you will… Read More »

Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Newbies

As you probably know, digital marketing is the in thing today if you want to market your brand. It involves a multitude of activities you need to carry out online to boost your brand recognition and awareness, acquire leads, and turn them into loyal customers. In the internet age, every business, irrespective of the sector,… Read More »

What is the Importance of Studying Macroeconomics?

Macroeconomics is an important field of analysis for the economists, financial, and government authorities and researchers. It helps them to examine the overall nationwide issues such as inflation, overpopulation, and balance of payment and financial well-being of a nation. It is referred to as an aggregative economics that evaluates the interrelation among several collections, their… Read More »

Impact Of Coronavirus On The Economy

Coronavirus is a new virus that can impact both people, and animals. It can lead to a wide range of respiratory ailments ranging from common cold to pneumonia, and lung lesions. It spreads easily from one person to another by coming in contact with infected person. Originated in China, this virus has till date infected… Read More »

Essentials About Availing A Loan With Poor Credit Score

Bad Credit Loans Bad Credit Score Loans or Bad Credit Loans are the kinds of loans designed for people with poor scores and people with no credit history. They come with greater restrictions and higher interest rates, this is the step taken by lenders to minimize the risk of them not being paid back. There… Read More »

Importance of foreign trade

There is no nation in the world that does not rely on imports. In other words, no country is self-sufficient to produce all the products that its citizens need. This makes foreign trade, one of the essential requirements of any country. In the same way, if a company produce any product in excess, then it… Read More »

How to compare two mutual funds

While you go for investing in mutual funds like SBI Bluechip fund, you get bombarded with options. There are plenty of options in mutual funds which is across market capitalization, time period, risk profile, return profile and so many more factors. Generally, the decision needs to be made between two fund schemes which you are not… Read More »

Importance of credit cards

7 Compelling Reasons to Apply For a Credit Card A credit card has got a bad name and most financial experts spend a lot of time trying to convince people from using credit cards – and with good reason. The importance of credit cards is ridiculed because most people misuse it and end up being… Read More »

Importance of a logo

Top reasons as to why you need to have a good business logo A logo is an important part of any business strategy; for starters, you need a good quality logo that your customers can identify with easily so that they can remember you. If you have a logo that’s similar to many others, then… Read More »