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Tips for successful exam preparation

When Exams are approaching near, a student faces many critical situations on concentrating different subjects at a time. We provide few useful tips to handle the exams easily and achieve great success. Utilize your study time efficiently Don’t bury your head inside the book and keep on studying fearfully. Just organize your work. Prepare a… Read More »

Why is Reading Important?

Do you have the habit of reading? If not, you have to develop this habit. You have to inculcate this practice even in students. Many studies reveal that reading makes a lot of difference in a child’s life as well as his academic performance. We all have heard people saying that it is very important… Read More »

Are the Board Exams Important?

Are you or your children preparing for the board exams? Are you sure that you are taking all the right steps to pass this exam? If not, you have to start taking it seriously without wasting any more time. Believe it or not, the board exams decide your overall future. You might have heard about… Read More »

Importance of higher education

A good education is one of the most basic necessities of life. We are taught, from a young age, to be industrious in school and excel at out studies, because, let’s face it, a lot will depend on how we perform in school and university. Our grades in high school will decide which college we… Read More »

Why Is Essay Writing Important?

Have you written an essay in your life? Has anyone ever told you that essay writing is important in your life? Essay writing is, indeed, very important in our lives. Nobody would have passed their education without writing at least one essay in their lives. All the educational institutions encourage the students to develop their… Read More »

Importance of microbiology

Why is Microbiology Important To Us? Microbiology is the branch of science that deals with the study of the various unicellular, multicellular, and acellular microorganisms which are invisible to our naked eyes. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch scientist was the first person to conduct these studies by developing his own microscope and hence, he is… Read More »

Importance of internships

Are Internships Necessary? This is a basic question that usually arises in the mind of a fresh graduate. Students, try to enter into the corporate world right after their graduation. Employment is, in fact, the major concern of all the people. But do you think that you will get hired by a conglomerate with the… Read More »

Importance of technology in education

Digital Learning for a Dynamic Generation The tremendous growth of technology has resulted in the paradigm shift in the world economy. There is no sector in this world which has not been influenced by the technological development. The various educational institutions are also trying to replace the traditional methods of teachings with the help of… Read More »

Importance of literature

Literature and its significance Literature is an art form. It can be in the form of a poem, a prose, a story, a novel or a drama. It is the platform for an individual to express his thoughts or ideas through language. The written form of literature is as old as our civilization. In the… Read More »

Importance of recess

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, recess is defined as “regularly scheduled periods within the elementary school day for unstructured physical activity and play.” Depending on which part of the world you go to school is, recess is the break period provided to all students, irrespective of which grade they are in.… Read More »