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Importance of Hygiene

Why is Hygiene Important? What do you think is the importance of hygiene in our lives? Even though we live in a technologically well-advanced world, more than half of the population do not have a clear idea of the importance of hygiene. For many people, hygiene is just a word with very less importance. Do… Read More »

Importance of weaning

Weaning is the process of food consumption by the baby from the source other than breast milk. It is a way of complementing the breastfeeding with the other food sources as a nutrition supplement for the development of the baby. A majority of the doctors recommend exclusive breastfeeding until the baby is six months old.… Read More »

Importance of Vaccination

We live in a world where diseases have become very common. Many people depend on costly medicines to save themselves from various diseases. In order to save the future generations, vaccinations are highly recommended by the doctors and other medical organizations. Vaccination, also known as immunization is provided to both adults and children. This will… Read More »

Importance of HIV & AIDS Awareness

Do you know why December 1 is marked as the World AIDS Day? It is to create awareness about the pandemic AIDS caused by the HIV infection. Thousands of people across the world are suffering from this epidemic disease. There are also people who might be HIV positive but still don’t have any clue about… Read More »

Importance of Ultrasound

Ultrasound or sonography is the type of scanning method used in the field of medical science to get the live images of the internal organs of the body. This method makes the use of high-frequency waves to attain these images. One of the major advantages of using this technique is that the patient does not… Read More »

Importance of Vegetables

Do you like to eat vegetables? Not all people in this world prefer to be vegetarians. They might prefer the delicious non-vegetarian foods like meat, fish, etc., over the vegetables. The fact is, even though some of the seafood and other non-vegetarian dishes are nutritious, they will never be able to compete with the nutritional… Read More »

Importance of Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the study of human body movements and muscle function. All the movements of animals and human beings are studied in this field of science. It also helps to understand the impacts of muscle functions on our health. The term kinesiology has been derived from the words, “Kinesis” meaning “movement” and “Logia” meaning “study”.… Read More »

What is the importance of DNA

Why do we look the way we are now? Why does each and every individual present on this earth have completely different features and characters? The answers to all these questions are enclosed in a DNA molecule. DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid is a complex molecule with a long-chained double helical structure. From a simple micro-organism… Read More »

Importance of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates & Metabolism Are you on a low-calorie diet? Is your main focus on avoiding foods containing carbohydrates? If yes, then you have to be more careful about your health. People on the low-calorie diet usually have the tendency to cut off the supply of carbohydrates to the body. Though it helps you to have… Read More »

Importance of bacteria

Are Bacteria Good Or Bad? “Bacteria” is a term we are all aware of. Bacteria are the microorganisms known to be the cause of numerous diseases and allergies in the world. But are all bacteria harmful? Certainly not. There are some bacteria which are clinically proven to be good for our health. They are also… Read More »