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Importance of Integrity

Integrity is one of the most valuable virtues that defines you as a person. It improves your overall personality and your life. It is that basic quality that you should develop to lead a successful, fulfilling and happy life. Integrity implies to be honest, and truthful in all areas of your life. By committing to… Read More »

Importance of life skills

The World Health Organization defines life skills as the adaptive behavior that helps a person to deal the challenges, and demands of the daily life effectively. According to UNICEF, life skills is a change in behavior, or development of behavior to seek balance in three areas, as knowledge, skills, and attitude. Practicing these skills help… Read More »

Importance Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a noble human trait that makes you a better and an invaluable human being. Whether you receive or give forgiveness, it lightens your heart, and fills it with gratitude. When you don’t forgive a person, it occupies a rented space in your heart and stays with you till you forgive them. The grudges… Read More »

Importance of Outdoor Games

Are you or your kids interested in outdoor games? Do you think it is necessary for the development of an individual? If not, it is time to give your opinion a second thought. No matter what you do during your leisure period, if you are not interested in outdoor activities it will be a great… Read More »

Importance of self-defense

Life is unexpected and that’s an understatement and you often have no clue as to what life would throw at you next. The fact of the matter is that our society is rarely peaceful and all you have to do to confirm the same is to review the local dailies to get an idea of… Read More »

Importance of a mentor in life

Why does it pay to have a mentor in life? Whether you are an entrepreneur who is just starting out or a student not sure on what career to choose, having a mentor can pay dividends. More often than not, it can be someone that you are already familiar with and know; someone whom you… Read More »

Importance of language

Language refers to the signs or speech used by the human beings to express their emotions, views, opinions, and experiences. A speech helps people to interact with their surroundings beyond their physical capability. An extended form of intellectual development occurs when both practical and abstract intelligence comes together and give a meaningful outcome. There are… Read More »

Importance of a Brother in Life

People say that it is always good to have two kids in a family. There are also people who specifically say that it feels wonderful to have a younger or an elder brother. A brother is someone who supports and helps a sister throughout her life. Apart from parents, a brother is the best person… Read More »

Importance of Body Language

Body language is a type of non-verbal communication. Sometimes it proves to be more efficient compared to other types of communication. The gestures you make while doing a presentation or while talking to others can influence the audience better. Though body language is an effective form of communication, one has to be very careful while… Read More »