Importance of criticism

It’s All about Being Criticized

Have you ever been criticized? Have you ever felt the urge to improve your work to receive a better response from your colleagues? If no, then you have certainly not been appreciated for your works at all. In fact, there would not be anyone in this world who has not been criticized at least for once in his/her life. Criticism can be of two types. It can be either positive or negative. Whether it’s for a job you have completed at the office or for an onstage performance, a good criticism should always be welcomed wholeheartedly.

importance of criticism

Accepting a criticism is not easy for all. Some people tend to get hurt and insulted when faced with a criticism. When a person criticizes you, it means that he has a feedback for what you have done. Hence, one should learn to take criticism with a positive outlook. Only then you would be able to steer yourself towards perfection. Criticism, in reality, gives you an opportunity to improve yourself. It gives you an insight into the things you might have overlooked or not considered while putting forward your ideas.

Everyone in this world has their own perspective about different kinds of works. When you accept a criticism, you get to understand a new viewpoint on the work that you had initially thought to be perfect. It helps you to shed light on specific areas of your work so as to attain better results in the future. It helps you to eliminate your mistakes and work with more efficiency.

Could your work have been better? Were there any relevant topics in your project that you might not have given proper attention to? Was your work well enough to convince your clients to have an alliance with your company? If you need the answers to all these questions, then you don’t have any option other than to be open to criticism. When your colleague or a superior gives you a feedback, it means that they care enough about you and your work. Criticisms can never be positive the entire time. Sometimes you might have to face negative criticisms too. You must learn to face those negativities with patience and work towards using them to your advantage.

The ultimate success of your work depends entirely on the amount of attention you receive for your idea or project. If people do not come forward with their feedback, then you would never know if you have truly achieved your goal. To improve yourself and your ideas, criticisms are indispensable. Sometimes even negative criticism might become a stepping stone to your success.
Criticism is not always about being appreciated. Hence, the remarks from a critic are never to be taken personally. If you consider it as a personal insult, it would not only jeopardize your relationship with people but also might ruin your reputation among your clients and colleagues.

Speaking of criticism, it is not something that we endure in our professional life alone. You might get criticized even in your day-to-day life. The way you lead your life, your dressing sense, your attitude could all be subjected to criticism. If you wish you could either brush off their comments or could even have a good argument with them. But being completely negative to the feedback you receive in and about your life is not healthy. You have to accept the fact that people come forward with their feedback for your own betterment.

Our world is a combination of negativity and positivity and so are the critics. People who had once appreciated you for your ideas might not receive you the same way the next time you present your work. You must learn to not be carried away with any type of criticism, whether it is positive or negative. While the positive comments give you the satisfaction of having completed a work efficiently, the negative comments let you know the areas where you might need to give more attention in your future projects.

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Hence, considering all the aspects of a criticism, one could clearly state with conviction that a feedback is absolutely necessary to achieve success in one’s life. It helps you to be impeccable, efficient and patient. You must always be attentive to both constructive as well as negative criticisms and learn to utilize these comments to fortify your ideas and works. Whether you are in the path of improvement or not, it all lies in the attitude with which you receive a feedback or criticism. Because no success is complete without a healthy criticism.

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