Importance of Cryptography

Cryptography is the study of techniques used for ensuring a secured communication. With the help of cryptography, you can construct protocols which will prevent the third parties from reading your private messages. Cryptography is nowadays used in a number of applications such as military communications, e-commerce, computer passwords, digital currencies, and so on.

Cryptography is also used for spying and hence, it is considered as a weapon in a number of countries. In some of the countries, cryptography is used by the investigators to get access to highly confidential and private documents which are relevant to an investigation.

importance of cryptography

If you are still doubtful about the importance of cryptography in society, you can have a look at the below-mentioned points.

Advantages of Cryptography

  • One of the major problems to which almost all of us are vulnerable is identity theft. In this technologically advanced world, no information is safe. Cryptography is the only method by which you can ensure 100% safety of your account information. It ensures that whatever information you pass on to others is not hacked by a third party. With this technique, no unauthorized personnel will be able to peek into your personal information.
  • Spoofing is a common problem faced by the internet users. Cryptography helps to identify and eliminate such problems completely and effectively. With the help of the techniques such as MAC and digital signatures, nobody will be able to do spoofing and forgery using your personal information.
  • Cryptography helps to manage the flow of information between two parties better. Regardless of the distance between the two parties, this technique will ensure that the information is passed between each other without the intervention of any unauthorized third party.
  • Cryptography helps to identify the forgeries committed by the hackers. Hence, even if they manage to hack into an encrypted data, you will be able to understand the corruption easily. This technique, in fact, helps to maintain our integrity.
  • Privacy is important for everyone. We do not want anyone to pry on our personal data and messages. Without the help of cryptography, we would not have gained this privacy over the internet. Many organizations save their valuable information on computers. Hence, cryptography is highly necessary for their growth and existence in the competitive world.
  • Everyone has the habit of transferring information and documents on the cloud. One of the major disadvantages of storing them on the cloud is that your documents will always be vulnerable to theft. Not only when stored but your information can get stolen while transferring it from your computer to the cloud. Cryptography ensures that this does not happen both before and after you save your information on the cloud.
  • In our fast-paced world, nobody has the time and patience to shop from offline stores. Have you ever worried about the safety of your payment information while you make online purchases? If your credit card information or banking details are completely safe, it is because of the help of cryptography.
  • Not only the professional hackers but the service providers also might try to have a peek at your information. Cryptography is what prevents them from doing so. Even though they will be able to control your data usage, they will not be able to read whatever you are sending to another person or organization.
  • Cryptography ensures that all the rules and regulations of a country are clearly followed. Breach notification laws are also implemented in many countries to save people from the mishaps such as theft and forgery.
  • Cryptography serves an important role in protecting all the sensitive information about a country. A number of investigative agencies and military services depend on this technology to safeguard all their valuable information and data.
  • It is not always possible for us to protect our date all the time. We will not be able to keep an eye on the safety of our information manually. On the contrary, cryptography is the technology which keeps your information completely secured 24/7.

From the aforementioned points, it is clear that cryptography is an important technology in our current world. Though it is not legalized in a number of countries, we cannot deny the fact that it has saved us from the problems of spoofing and hacking.

Hence, it is necessary to have a powerful technology like cryptography in our world where we cannot live without internet. This technique has also led to the development of many powerful tools which are essential to protect all the information over the internet.


importance of cryptography

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