Importance of Failures in Life

Much like success, failures are also part of human lives. An individual always has to face failures sometime or the other in the lifetime and in certain cases, the failures can even get too much to bear as well. The number of failures may vary from one person to another based on various kinds of circumstances but the difference lies in the fact how the person affected with failure handles the situation. Nevertheless, the impact of failure on a person’s life is as important as success and the reaction of the person will actually decide how the failure will affect in the long run. In other words, whether it is going to lead to positive or negative results will be dependent upon the individual only. However, whatever may be the case; failures are always vital and cannot be always taken as negative in human life.

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How failures are significant in life nowadays?

The failures happen due to the widening gaps between something that was expected by an individual and the reality that actually occurs. The range of this wide gap decides the magnitude of failure. To put it in simple words, expectations lead to the feeling of failures. But what is life without a little of expectations? Herein comes, the primary importance of failure. Whenever a person prepares for some exam or some cultural event or for some major life incident, there are certain aspirations that crop up in the mind due to the efforts were given by the individuals. Whenever a person fails to achieve the desired target, the sense of failure grasps the mind and sometimes the whole mind as well.

A pang of pain lingers on in life along with other bitter emotions like depression, sorrow, grief and other allied ones that gradually tend to make a person wrapped in sorrow. But life cannot stop at any juncture and hence, the person again plucks up the courage to fight back failure with new vigor and zeal thereby giving a boost to the complete preparation. This is very essential to go on in life and can be learned only from failures. Failure teaches this very vital lesson that one cannot put a halt to everything just because of failures but rather should learn from the mistakes and focus on the areas to improve upon so that the person can bounce back to victory the very next time or with multiple times.

Is it indeed the pillar of success? Well, to an extent, yes!

This is a very common proverb that ‘Failure is the pillar of success’. It may sound pretty stereotyped but this particular sentence carries a lot of weight given the real life perspective. If a human being fails ten times, then ten mistaken ways come into light that won’t be taken up by anyone and will serve as a lesson for the subsequent attempts. This holds true very much especially in cases of scientific researches or studies, archaeological excavations, medical examinations and other cases that may seriously leave the person/persons pursuing it completely shattered due to the continuing failures.

However, the tenacity and perseverance keep increasing with every failure and the enthusiasm and the hunger for success are augmented even more that encourage these failed to souls to keep moving until success is achieved. This is the main motto of life and one has to ‘Try, Try and Try till success is forced to surrender’! The occurrences of failures actually make a person stronger and tough in every possible way because the mental abilities get developed, acceptance levels enhance and the person learns the virtue of patience for bearing long-term gains.

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Failures are also important because these help in identifying the real friends because good times are always accompanied by the crowd of friends and family people but the ones who actually stand by during the harsh times are the true friends. Therefore, this is one of the most crucial features of failure, which otherwise is impossible to make out. This is because during gala times, there will always be a lot of people around who would like to be a part of the success but many of these will drift apart whenever a person is surrounded by failures. Only the ones who really care will be there to support through thick and thin and failures will help in deciding which friends to keep in life and which to leave aside.

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Hence, as can be seen from the above discussions, failures aid in the process of growing as a human being in life by teaching the topmost life lessons altogether.

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