Importance of farmers

Farmers are considered to be the backbone of any nation. They are the people who work hard day and night withstanding bitter cold and scorching heat to provide us food and clothes. Farmers are a vital part of the existence of several societies as they offer fiber and food. They make responsible utilization of natural resources using primitive and advanced level technologies to execute the operation. In addition to it, there are various brilliant ways by which farmers contribute to the nation. Let us learn about them in detail.

importance of farmers

Significance of farmers

Farmers makes food accessible: This is the most significant contribution of farmers to people. They cater to the needs of people by providing abundant supply of food to satiate the hunger of every person.

Makes our life better: Farmers work on the fields from sunrise to sunset to attend to crops, while protecting them from any adverse climatic conditions and invasive insects. The food that we eat and clothes we wear are because of the hard work and efforts they put throughout the day.

Had farmers not been there, life would have been unsustainable. Farmers are one of the reasons for the survival of human beings, animals, and organisms on the planet.

Help people lead a modern lifestyle: If there had been no farmers, then people would have to cultivate and grow crops on their own. They would have to sacrifice their current occupation and learn the art of agriculture.

We would have to go back to our ancient times where man used to cultivate and cook his own food to fuel his body. Farmers makes the daily fuel easily available. It facilitates career and also makes it possible for people to pursue their chosen career and lead a modern lifestyle.

Get organic, chemical free and pure food: Another importance of farmers is the area of the organic and small-scale businesses. By assisting them, they contribute significantly to shape the world. Their chemical free organic produce helps in keeping people healthy.

Farmers ensure that their produce is free from any manmade chemicals, poisonous fertilizers and harmful pesticides. When you consume such healthy and nutritious food, it ensures that our body stays free from diseases that could be caused due to life-threatening effects of manures and chemicals.

Help in maintaining ecological balance: Destruction of trees and urbanization are two important factors that causes a lot of damage to the nature. Farmers play a critical role in preserving the environment.

Whenever a farmer chooses organic agriculture method, he helps in curbing changes in climate via reduction of the release of carbon and greenhouse gases in the environment. A farmer can make significant contribution towards enhancing the soil quality for all the future yields. In this way, farmer assists in conserving the ecological balance and endorse its sustainable growth.

Provide you clothes to cover your body: The crops that farmers cultivate help in making fabrics like cotton, jute, wool etc. Without help of farmers, you won’t be able to enjoy T-shirts, Jeans, and other types of cotton-based apparels.
Cotton farms produce superior quality cotton on an annual basis to provide relief from scorching heat in summers. At the same time, woolen scarves, and sweaters manufactured by sheep, farmers give sufficient warmth and coziness to people in chilling winters.

Farmers boost our economy: Economy is another area that is greatly benefitted by farmers. This field sees a significant boost. When the country grows crops in surplus, then it can export it to another countries.

This helps in increased revenue generation in a nation. With improved number of exports, farmers contribute towards strengthening the worldwide economy.

Wheat is considered to be one of the major exports that constitutes to around 75 percentage of what is exported to Asian markets. When seen in domestic markets, to increase cultivation of crops results in an increase in employment opportunities in agriculture sector.

Protect bees and wildlife: Another notable contribution of farmers is that they employ efficient cultivation techniques and methods, that protects the produce from any infection from bees, insects, and other type of organisms.

Bees have also been seen to protect life of non-human beings. Farmers aim at sheltering bees for production purposes. Farmers provide a crucial winter habitat for preserving wildlife at a place.

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These are some of the vital contributions of farmer to make our survival possible. The valuable efforts of farmers add comfort to our life. The better quality of produce we get from them keeps us healthy. It is required that we should recognize the effort of farmers, and provide them adequate conditions and resources to ease their job and enhance production.

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