Importance of Feminism

Feminism refers to the advocacy of the rights of women on the grounds of equality of bot the sexes. Feminism is fighting for the rights and equality of women. Feminism plays a vital role in the development of the country in all the aspects, and hence it is of utmost importance for every country. The reasons why feminism is necessary are as mentioned below.

importance of feminism

  • Honor killing of women is still prevalent in the society. A human being has the right to live irrespective of being a male or a female which should be given due respect. Still, now there are several cases of women being killed by the members of their own families are being reported. These killings are done to restore the honor of the family but in no way the honor is restored, and it needs to be stopped as soon as possible. This proves that women are still considered as inferiors in some countries.
  • The genital mutilation of the females still happens in the name of culture and religion which does not make any sense except giving extreme pain, infertility, and trauma to the females. This needs to be completely abolished to create a healthy society.
  • Child marriages are still common in many countries which are practiced in full force in spite of being illegal. Getting married at a young age when the child does not even know the meaning of marriage simply deprives the child of the childhood. Instead of going the school for education the child has to take up the duties of marriage which end up with sexual abuse and domestic violence. In addition to this, the child brides are also forced to conceive which ultimately results in health complications and maternal mortality in some cases.
  • The baby girl is still considered to be inferior to the baby boy. Female foeticide is still not completely abolished since the male child is considered to be more valuable that the female child. This increases the rate of infanticide to a great extent.
  • Rape of all kinds are very much prevalent in the society, and this is a highly difficult statistic to track since several numbers of cases of rape go unreported. Reporting of rape can be extremely dangerous in some countries of pre-marital sex and adultery can even lead to death penalty. Some cases go unreported due to fear, shame, and pressure of society.
  • Sexual harassment has to be faced by women in almost every field of life may it be in school, colleges, offices and other places. This is a global problem irrespective of nation, religion, culture, cast or creed.
  • It is incredibly shocking to know that forced prostitution is a booming business all over the world. Women are forced into this business of prostitution even by the family members as a source of income. It is even more surprising that the teenage females are being forced into this business. In particular, the poor girls are forced in a greater amount for the generation of a good amount of revenue.
  • Women are still being treated inferiorly in all the aspects of life which should not be the case in a modern society in which we live. Both the genders should be equally treated, and equal rights should be given to both men and women. No discrimination based on the sex should be allowed at any cost. The equality of men and women is the essence of a healthy society and country.
  • Women are still forced to be an in-home parent. The women are not allowed to go for further studies and build a career for themselves. They are not allowed to work and earn since this is considered to be the task of the male member of the family. The women after marriage are forced to be a housewife and engage herself to the household chores spending most of the time in the kitchen. They are not allowed to pursue their dreams, and in this way, several talents are being just wasted in the kitchen.
  • The women are still defined mostly by their looks which are considered as a parameter to determine the status and condition of the women in the society.

Thus, the harsh reality of ill treatment of women still exists in the so called modern society that we currently live in, but in reality, it is not the case. So, it is of utmost importance that feminism should be the top priority until both the men and the women are treated at par.

6 thoughts on “Importance of Feminism

  1. Morgan Ross

    No clue why Feminist is a word feared by some. Radical feminism has given a wonderful thing a scary association, but let’s not let that dissuade us.

  2. Marilyn Mylrea

    Feminist really only means Humanist! All people are created equal and women have been waiting a very long time for our equality!

  3. Victor Sabatino

    Until feminazis recognize fathers as Equal Parents to Children, I will never be called a feminist. Feminazis are morally corrupt.

  4. Dallas Webb

    My take, for what it’s worth, is we need Feminism. However, feminism is just another fancy word we’ve had to start using in place of EQUALITY to get shit done. Black lives matter? Equality. Feminism? Equality. For some reason slapping a name on it grabs more attention. Feminism isn’t about making women elite. It’s about making women and men equals. But ya know what? If a woman wants to stay home with her kids, that’s cool too. That’s your choice. Feminism isn’t trying to get every single woman in the world working and into politics. It’s trying to make sure those opportunities are an available option regardless of gender. On the flip side, if the wife wants to work and husband wants to be a stay at home dad, COOL. That’s what it’s all about. Equal opportunities. Maternity leave? There should be Paternity leave equal to what is offered for mothers. Etc etc etc. I could go on all day with the lack of modern equality. Especially in American culture.

  5. Devin Brown

    While I do agree that women should be equal to men in regards such as pay and status I don’t believe they should be treated extra special just cause they are women. Such as getting a job over a man who’s more qualified for it than they are just because they are female and the workplace needs more “diversity”. Also, a lot of women (not all mine you) tend to be VERY selective when it comes to gender equality. They want the good stuff that comes with being equal to men. Not the bad stuff. Such as women being forced to register for the draft (which by the way a bill is passing through the senate now that will force them to do just that). I’ve heard so many women complain and say it’s not fair and that they shouldn’t have to register for the draft yet cry about equality

  6. Olivia Berrecloth

    Honestly, the name Feminism confuses people, thinking it’s women vs men or that women are better than men. These are people who haven’t done their research. It’s that women are just as important as men. That because of our gender we shouldn’t be looked down upon.+ The fact GENDER can change so much is sad, because we have no choice as to what were born as. Anyone with a brain should know we all deserve respect no matter of gender, skin color, sexual orientation, ect. All that matters to me is if you are a nice person


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