How Does First Aid Reduce The Severity Of An Injury?

Everyone should know the importance of First Aid. It is a form of emergency care provided to an injured person on an immediate basis. The basic objective of a First Aid treatment is to lessen the severity of an injury and prevent any future disability.
From a slight ailment to the severe injury, having a first aid kit can greatly reduce the severity of an injury or chances of infection. With a first aid kit, you can treat injuries and ailments that occur at home easily. This is what makes these kits an essential requirement in every home.

importance of first aid

The need for first aid

It takes just 6 minutes for the brain to expire in the absence of oxygen. Knowledge of first aid is essential to assist a person in such emergencies. First aid ensures proper methods of administering medical support are provided. Below are mentioned some of how the proper supply of first aid proves to be helpful.

It can help in saving the life of an injured

This is one of the most important reasons to provide first aid. A person who is trained to provide first aid has the ability and confidence to react quickly to any injury, incident, or illness. The right support provided at the right time can save one from threatening and critical health complications and circumstances at a given place.

It reduces recovery time

Rapid reaction to any injury or illness, before the arrival of an ambulance, arrives proves to be life-saving for an injured. It aids in reducing the recovery time needed by the patient to a considerable level. Immediate assistance helps people get back to work quickly, and incur less impact on the personal and professional front.

Provides clarity and confidence to deal with an emergency

A person who is trained to provide first aid deals with any critical situation confidently and calmly. This knowledge helps him to effectively manage any emergency without any fear, overwhelm and confusion.

The objective of a first aid provider

It is very important to get knowledge about providing first aid. When not treated correctly, such less-severe injuries won’t take much time to evolve into anything serious. The objectives of a first aid provider include “alleviating suffering, preserving life, preventing further injury or illness, and helping in recovery.” This is helpful at times when you come across any injury or when you find any other person in need of it. First aid offers initial care for less-severe injuries and conditions.

It is important to note that first aid doesn’t replace proper medical care. However, in several cases, medical care is not needed and the injured person gets safely recovered with just a first aid treatment.

What does a First aid kit comprise of?

A first aid kit includes several different items that will assist in treating scrapes, cuts, and injuries that includes burns, sprains, and common supplies for different ailments. You can easily store this kit in your vehicle and carry it along with you anywhere. This will prevent any time consumed in gathering all the things and begin treating the injury. These kits also include instructions on how to treat specific conditions and explains as to how each item present in the kit will be used for the treatment of the ailment.

What is the usefulness of getting a first aid training?

A first aid training teaches you when and how to use different medical items such as gauze, medical tape, band-aid, hand sanitizer, antiseptic cream, antibiotic cream, alcohol, etc. at the time of facing an emergency. The benefits of items contained in the first aid kit contains:

A hand sanitizer disinfects your hands and makes you ready to provide first aid to the injured. Gauze pads will help in covering open wounds. A medical tape keeps a gauze or wraps intact on the skin. Band-Aids safeguards minor cuts and scrapes and prevents them from coming in contact with water. Rubbing of alcohol helps in cleaning open wounds. Antibiotic creams help in cleaning of the wounds.

First aid training has been made a legal requirement in companies. It is recommended for the prevention of illness and safety of people from getting ill or injured in the workplace. First aid training helps in reduces the number of accidents that occur at the workplace. The staff becomes aware of the safety and can also detect potential incidents and hazards before the occurrence of such urgencies. They become more alert to the surroundings and raise issues on finding any dangers and risks. Such awareness, and knowledge assists in lowering the number of hazards that happen in the workplace.


Injuries can occur anywhere and anytime. First aid kits are essential for every household. Easy access to a first aid kit ensures you of the best safety. First aid helps in reducing the chances of infections due to injuries and open wounds. It is considered to be the first line of defense in treating any injury of a person. It lowers the severity of any injury and offers instant protection to the injured person.

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