The Benefits Of Gardening

Gardening has a special importance in protecting the environment and promoting healthy ecosystem. It is an act of growing plants and taking care of them. These plants feeds pollinators, and humans that makes them necessary for their survival. Plants also filter and reduce pollution in the air. Let us learn more about the significance of gardening in detail.

importance of gardening

Gardening is a great exercise

Gardening chores such as planting, harvesting, watering and weeding, exercises all physical parts of the body. The act of pulling weeds, reaching for tools, bending and twisting your body gives you a full body aerobic workout. 

You become a lot focused and engrossed in the task that you fail to realize that you are sweating. Not just you lose unwanted calories but also develop new muscles. This increases your endurance, strength, and flexibility in the body. 

Improves your mental state

Gardening makes you feel fresh, and uplifted. It is one of the best activities for people who suffer from depression. It has been observed that thirty minutes of gardening helps in reducing the levels of stress hormone and improve mood in a person. After you perform this task, you feel positive, and high in energy.   

Builds your self esteem

Another important advantage of gardening is that this fun-filled activity can help in development of self-esteem in the body. Planting, harvesting and nurturing activities can make you feel good from inside. You feel better about yourself from making a positive contribution towards the nature. By accomplishing new tasks, you develop self-worth and meaning of life.   

Exposes you to Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins required by our body. It helps in developing the immunity system in our body. There are fewer sources to get this vitamin. One of them is sunlight. It has been seen that due to spending less time under the sun, a lot of people are deficient of this essential vitamin. 

While doing gardening, you spend more time under the sun. This is an outdoor physical activity that helps your body to absorb necessary amount of serum vitamin D in the body.   

Reduces possibility of dementia

It has also been seen that gardening has the ability to reduce the chances of dementia in people. In a study done on people between the age group of sixteen and sixty years, it was concluded that gardening reduces the possibilities of dementia in the future. 

Good for heart

The acts of digging, weeding and planting, has been seen to strengthen the muscles of your heart. This manual physical activity promotes proper heartbeat, and improves cardiovascular health of the body.  

Makes your hand strong

Gardening involves a lot of hand work. You need to dig soil, sow seeds, pull out weeds, use different of tools for harvesting etc. to enhance the strength of your fingers, and hands.   

Gardens provide us healthy food

When you grow plants, you get healthy food to eat. Vegetables, and fruits provides the necessary vitamins and minerals to the body that keeps it fit and healthy. By growing your food on your own, you can ensure it to be as healthy and safe as possible. 

Saves money 

Gardening can help you save money. There are certain plants (fruits, and vegetables) that can grow from sowing just a few seeds. These plants can cost you a lot in the market. Cultivating produce in your garden can give you a huge benefit in terms of budget.

Reduce loneliness

Gardening is one of the enjoyable and stress-relieving activities for people. A lot of people pursue it as their hobby. Due to modern busy lifestyles, a majority of people struggle with lesser socialization opportunities. 

Community gardens provide them an opportunity to engage with other like-minded people with same interests.  Gardening helps to enhance the quality of life of people. It aids in stimulating social interaction, beautify surroundings, encourage self-reliance, produce nutritious food, reduce food budget, and learn about new techniques of cultivation.  

Provides a habitat for pollinators

Doing gardening at home without using any chemicals provide a safe environment for pollinators to survive. Butterflies, bees, wasps and other types of bugs get a place to survive and eat. These pollinators are helpful for your garden as they help in the survival of humans on the earth. 


Looking at these benefits, it becomes evident that growing and nurturing plants is an essentiality for the survival of living beings on the planet. Involve children in this process to help them learn about different plants, and their benefits to the Mother nature. 


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