Importance of a Girl Child

We live in a technologically advanced 21st century. It is the era in which both the females and males equally contribute to the economy. There is no profession in this world that is considered to be inaccessible to a woman. But do you really think that women are treated equally all over the world? The examples of empowered women you see around are just a few of the lucky ones. Not all girls are given the same opportunities. There are people who think that girls should never be treated as equal to boys.

importance of girl child

Female foeticide is still a major issue in the developing countries. The people rejoice at the arrival of a new member in their family only if the child is a boy. Discrimination of a girl starts right from her birth. While a boy child is considered as the carrier of the family’s legacy, a girl child is perceived as a liability to the family. Female infanticide is also not less in and around the world.

Why is a girl child important to our society?

  • Multi-Tasker – There is no one else in this world who can take care of multiple tasks efficiently than a woman. She can be a daughter, wife, mother, boss, and a mentor at the same time. From doing dirty dishes to holding business meetings, nothing is impossible for a woman.
  • Responsibility and Obedience – Girls are considered to be more responsible and obedient than boys. The boys are seen to have more inclination towards games and their friends than their families. Girls always take up the responsibilities and complete them with utmost care and sincerity.
  • Binds the Family Together – It is always a girl in the family who tries to bind all the family members together. Whether it is in the role of a wife or a daughter, a girl helps to maintain a stable relationship with all the kith and kin.
  • Contributes Financially – In the current world, both the girls and the boys contribute equally to the family in terms of finance. If the women are not denied their rights to education, there is absolutely no doubt that a woman can excel in any field and hence give better financial support to her family.
  • The Main Reason For Your Existence – Without women, there would be no life on this Earth. When you encourage female foeticide or infanticide, you are actually trying to wipe out the entire human race from the face of the Earth.
  • The Perfect Guide – There is no other mentor in this world who can guide you efficiently compared to women. The difficulties faced by a woman right from her birth gives her the experience to deal with all the hardships in life. A woman is the best person to guide you throughout your lives.
  • The Most Sensible Ones – Compared to men, women can handle any situation in the most sensible way. They always think twice before arriving at a conclusion which makes them more efficient than men. They also deal with every situation with more passion, sincerity, and empathy.

It is important to realize the importance of a girl child in a society. When you are basking in the joy of parenting a male child, you forget the fact that the person who gave you this happiness is a woman. Without the women population, the existence of human population is absolutely impossible.

Yet another discrimination faced by a girl is in the field of education. Along with all the other rights, a woman is also denied her right to education. An educated girl is actually an asset to a family and the society. She can help the nation in many ways which include:

  • Economic progress
  • Women empowerment
  • Better health and hygiene of women
  • An inspiration to other women

In the Indian society, there are also people who do not prefer female child because of dowry issues. The main drawback of the Indian culture is that, men are considered above women and hence the parents of the groom usually demand huge amounts as dowry. In this society where single women over a certain age are considered as an embarrassment, the families have no option other than to accept the demands of the groom. Hence it is necessary to abolish these unacceptable practices from the society.

Like the famous saying by an American religious leader, Gordon. B. Hinckley, “To save a girl is to save generations”, to carry forward the wisdom and legacy in this world, gender discrimination has to be restrained.

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