Importance of history

History is an extremely important part of the human civilization. Our evolution from primate to Homo sapiens provides critical information about the evolution. The fact is a part of the history and helps to predict the future. Comparing the past and present, people can build an exciting future by not repeating same mistakes.

importance of history

Creating a different present:

By analyzing the history, you can understand the mistakes committed by people. For instance, in medieval period empires ruled the roost with no rights to the common people. It led to downfall of the kings and also frequent wars. Modern nation states operate on democratic principles and work for the betterment of their citizens.

On a micro level, we can assess the life of our parents and make sure that the present would be better than the past. The method is crucial in preventing the problems and making life fun as well as stress free.

Accomplishing the past goals:

History teaches people to complete the unfinished work of their ancestors. For instance, if you are appointed as the new manager of the project, analyze the past timelines and find out the reason for the failure of your predecessor. By adopting new techniques and strategies, it is possible not only to finish the project but also set up a new qualitative benchmark for the future successor to emulate.

Enhancing the experience:

Reading history is an amazing experience for the people because it reflects on the social and economic life of the people living long time ago. According to the experts, problems faced by people irrespective of the past and present are the same. With the information about the ancestors, one can become more mature in handling the challenges of life.

Holistic view:

Nuanced knowledge of history is absolutely essential because it not only explains about the victor but also the vanquished. Nations that do not learn from history tend to repeat it in the near future.

Middle age saw lots of wars happening all over the world. Lack of balance of power and rise of kingdoms lead to instability with wide spread loots and arsons accompanied by mass genocide.

Based on the experience, people learn the hard way that weapons can never be the solution of dispute. Therefore, they try to resolve it by peaceful means. Majority of governments have absolved themselves from the tunnel vision and taking a holistic view of any problem.

A better human being:

History of war due to human greed has made modern man more compassionate. For instance, 400 years of colonial rule and racism has paved the way for equality and fraternity in the world. More and more people are respecting each other and their beliefs.

A boon for army generals:

Armies around the world use information about the past battles to plan their strategy. It will help them to avoid costly errors that the losers committed in the past.

Resolving the identity crisis:

A nation conscious of its history tends to preserve the culture and traditions. Many countries are showcasing their history to the travelers from around the Globe. It not only promotes tourism but is a boon for the history buffs.


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