How to get investors to fund your application

So many ways out there that you can choose from to get the funding you need for your new application. But before you proceed you need some ideas about where and how to start.

investors for app

How to start

If you have an application idea that you know will change the world, Let me tell you will need more than just an idea to convince people to invest.

Investors these days get emails from all types of people trying to get their attention. Investors are saying NO left and right. How will you ever get funding if you will get buried in emails?

Working on your idea

To start the right way you need to have at least a prototype of your idea and how it works. OfCourse it would be way better if you have already tested it on the field and had some good results.

This will require time/money/effort from your side to get things going.

Start small

Going right away to investors who are big in the industry could burn a bridge between you and a potential future investor if they didn’t like your application or because you didn’t pitch the idea right.

So perhaps work your way through family and friends and treat them the same as you would treat an investor and take them seriously. This will train you even more when real big investors show.

Search on LinkedIn

This ofcourse is a no-brainer for your funding to really work. You need a very direct approach in emails and not just a template.

Each email should be customizable based on the person’s needs and interests so that you have higher chances to score.

And to do that you need first to search on Linkedin to see investors related to your application who are in the same road, Who have invested in similar products.

Customizable emails

Like I said earlier you need to craft an email and not just a template. All you need in order to start is to get the email address itself by using a tool called

By just entering the first/last name and the domain name you will get the email. It is also a chrome plugin to make your job easier and it’s totally free. There are other paid plans that give you more credits so you can get more emails.

The pitch

Right now what you want from the email is a certain objective. To peak their interest and get a call with them or if they are not very free you can tell them to continue with emails.

You want to start with information about that then you introduce your project as if it’s what they have been looking for.

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