Importance of morning walk

Ever since our childhood days, we have heard a slogan, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. There are people who besides following this slogan, making the best use of the morning time by taking a walk. There are innumerable benefits of the morning walk, few are elaborated here just to motivate you to wake up early and start practicing morning walk as soon as possible.

morning walk benefits

The benefits of morning walk are:

Reduction in Fatigue: Research studies have proved that morning walk helps in rejuvenating and boosting up an individual by removing the fatigue. In common words, fatigue is equivalent to the stress or tiredness an individual gets by doing continuous work, it gets lessen as an individual takes fresh oxygen at the time of morning walk.

Helps in sound sleep: Continuous walk during the morning time treats the insomnia problem naturally. If an individual takes sound sleep at night, then he will do the next day with his maximum capacity.

It gives mental peace: Early morning is the best time of the day, as calmness is maximum at that time which soothes an individual’s mind. Walking in such atmosphere relaxes our mind.

Develops a sense of well being: Walking in the morning time induces the secretion of endorphins in the human beings. These chemicals provide a sense of well being in the individuals and make them cheerful.

Helps in attaining spiritual benefits: In every religion, it has been told that early morning period is the best time to connect with God because this time of the day is full of peace that helps in making an easy connection with the God.

Helps in combating Dementia: Walking in the early morning time, provokes the secretion of relaxin hormones in the human body, which helps in combating dementia in the adults.

Helps in improved vision: Studies suggest that walking barefoot on the green grass helps in improving the vision of the human beings.

Helps in fighting depression: Morning walk provides good relief to the depression patients in comparison to the anti-depression pills.

Helps in impaired hair growth: Secretion of important hormones takes place by taking a walk during early morning time

Helps in making the skin healthy: Taking a walk at the early morning hours helps in combating the acne problem thus makes the skin healthy and glowing.

Fighting against the atherosclerosis problem: Atherosclerosis is a disorder of the heart which is characterized by the deposition of cholesterol in the heart blood vessels. Taking a walk regularly during the morning hours removes this problem to a great extent.

Enhances the blood supply: Oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is increased by taking walk during the early hours, as a result, blood flow is increased.

Helps in resolving the high blood pressure: Hypertension or high blood pressure problem is also resolved by taking the morning walk, as stated in the above point that it enhances the blood supply.

Helps in cholesterol management: Cholesterol is a kind of lipid in our body. They can be of high density or low density; accordingly, they are named as High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL) and Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL). The increased level of LDL in the blood is quite injurious to the human beings as it deposits in the blood vessels and causes atherosclerosis in the human beings. This increased LDL can be brought down by regular walk in the morning.

It acts as a mild exercise: Morning walk acts as a mild exercise to our body, it helps in warming us and rejuvenating us.
Helps in regulating sugar level: Brisk walk during the early morning hours, maintains a decent sugar in our body, thus helps in controlling the diabetes mellitus disease.

Helps in removing angina: Angina is a heart ailment in which oxygen supply to the blood is reduced which is quite fatal to the heart. Regular walk during the morning increases the amount of oxygen in the body; this increased oxygen ultimately gets mixed up with the blood and helps in combating the angina pectoris problem.

Reduces the stroke: Studies also prove that regular exercise in morning hours reduces the stroke problem.

Reduces certain forms of cancer: Oncologists say that brisk walk during the morning hours reduces the risk of colon cancer. Colon is a part of the large intestine in the human body, it is the largest part of the large intestine.

After going through so many benefits of the early morning walk, I think you are surely motivated to start your upcoming day with a brisk morning walk!! Good luck!

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