What is the Importance of Motivation?

Have you ever tried to motivate anyone? Do you feel the need to get yourself motivated at times? The importance of motivation is, in fact, an often under-estimated topic in the current world. We all struggle with the aim of achieving success in our professional and personal lives. What we don’t realize is that no success is possible without the help of motivation.

We all would have faced a situation of utter despair and hopelessness in our lives. Have you ever thought about what has encouraged you to move forward and achieve success? It is motivation, which has helped you to overcome all the complex situations. Motivation is the push we all need in our lives to move ahead.

Today, a lot of people do not care to understand the value of motivation. Though criticisms are always important, they may not be enough to encourage a person. Through motivation, you give a person the confidence to carry out a task without doubting himself.

importance of motivation

Whether it is in business or personal life, motivation induces a lot of benefits in our lives. Let us discuss in detail the importance of motivation in one’s life.

  • Improves the efficiency of a person – It is not education or abilities, but the motivation that decide the efficiency of a person. Even a well-educated and talented person may not work efficiently without proper motivation. A person who is properly motivated will also be ready to participate in all the training required to successfully complete his tasks.
  • Cost control – In a business sector, only the motivated employees can help to control the excess expenditure. They work faster and with more creativity through which an organization can achieve profits and hence, success.
  • Improves quality – A motivated employee will always try to provide the best quality materials using the available resources.
  • Improves the educational standards – Only a motivated teacher will encourage the students to focus on their subjects. If a teacher is not motivated, the students also will lose the interest to learn new ideas and theories. A motivated student also is necessary to inspire the teachers to teach. Thus, the entire standard of an educational institution can be raised with the help of motivated students and teachers.
  • Better Society – Motivation helps to reduce the emotional stress in people and keep them happy. This is essential to have a better society.
  • Builds a friendly relationship – When the higher authorities take time and effort to motivate their subordinates or colleagues, it helps in the creation of trust and friendship among them. This bond will also help in the growth of an organization.
  • Improves commitment and satisfaction – An employee will be more committed to the organization as well as to his task if he is motivated. Motivation also results in the formation of completely satisfied employees in an organization.
  • Helps to reduce the negativity in an organization – There will be many reasons due to which some of the employees tend to have negativity toward the superiors or the organization. Proper motivation in the form salary hike or promotion will help to alleviate this feeling of negativity from the environment of the organization.
  • Reduces employee turnover – Motivated employees are seen to remain in an organization for a long period of time compared to the unmotivated employees. An organization loses a lot of money and time in repeatedly recruiting and training new employees. Motivation helps to reduce this wastage.
  • The growth of an individual – Each and every person needs proper and timely motivation to help him raise his standards and level of efforts. It invokes a feeling in him that there are people who acknowledge his works.

Motivation is, thus, important in every aspect of our lives. A person can be motivated in different ways. For instance, a sportsman or an actor receives the motivation to perform well from the expectation his fans have kept on him. For a poor person, it will be in the form of increased salary. Hence, there is no common method to motivate people.

In an organization, a manager should understand how each and every employee of his can be motivated so as to raise the standard of the organization. A person who never gets motivated will always have a negative aura around him. This negativity will destroy both his professional and personal lives.

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We can also say that, with motivation, we can carve out a better society with an optimistic approach towards all the aspects of life and work. Hence, neglecting its importance will be an act of foolishness.

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