Importance of protein

It goes without saying that all life forms on this planet require protein in one form or the other; it is one of the basic building blocks of life, one which cells utilize to repair the damaged tissues and to grow new cells. It is also the main ingredient that’s required by your body as it develops several enzymes including hormones and other body chemicals.

importance of protein

In fact, one could argue that protein is a life-giving force and that would neither be an exaggeration nor off the mark. In fact, when the earliest life forms evolved on our planet, proteins were among the first to be synthesized; it is because of essential proteins that these early cellular organisms’ were able to get the required energy they needed to function effectively. This is also the reason why so many bodybuilders often consume protein shakes, so as to develop extra reserves of energy while keeping the fat content in their diet to the minimum.

An overview:

Protein is to all intents and purposes a macronutrient which means that your body requires a vast amount of the same, in order to function effectively whereas others such as essential minerals and vitamins are often tagged as micronutrients. Usually, you would consume your protein as part of your daily diet but it is nevertheless important for you to consult a doctor as the requirements would definitely vary depending on your health makeup, whether you have any underlying health issues, your weight and even your gender.

A good dietician should be able to let you know about the proper diet and how to meet your daily protein requirement, naturally and the best ways to go about the same. The only downside is that unlike fat and carbohydrates, your body does not store vast amounts of protein and you would need to replenish your supply on a daily basis.

The required amount:

As mentioned earlier, this tends to vary by the individual and their health and body profile but most doctors agree that the required proteins that the human body requires on a daily basis may be lesser than assumed. The reasoning is simple, as a teen when your body is undergoing a growth spurt, it requires vast reservoirs of protein to maintain your body and the changes that are taking place within the same.

However, you would not require the same amount of proteins by the time you become a baby boomer. Let’s say that you are 46 years old by now, you would have found it easy to consume an eight-pound steak but the point is that an eight-pound steak contains more proteins than your body requires. This is why it makes perfect sense to consult a dietician at the earliest so that you can get a better understanding of your day to day protein requirements and streamline your diet so that your body functions better.

The dangers of high protein and low carbohydrate diet:

Ever since the information regarding the necessity of protein became common knowledge, the high protein – low carb diet started to do the rounds. In fact, more people, even those who are not into bodybuilding but looking for ways to cut down on their ‘excess baggage’, have jumped onto the bandwagon. But doctors have advised caution and rightly so, for when you consume high protein – low carbs, your body soon moves into a state of ketosis where it starts burning your fat reserves instead of carbs. And apart from this, it also breaks down the fat into ketones which can suppress your appetite for starters and cause your body to undergo several changes including depletion of calcium from your bones which can cause osteoporosis.

Moreover, by opting for a high protein-low carb diet, you would effectively be shunning essential vitamins, minerals and fibre that your body requires in addition to the regular supply of protein. As a result of continued dependence on this form of diet, your health may get compromised in the long run.

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Given all this, it is important that you consult a doctor or a specialist at the earliest who can give you a good idea of your body’s daily protein requirements and may even suggest a specialized diet to meet the same. It’s ok to have a protein shake or two once in a while but it is always a good idea to get the proteins you require, the natural way. So make sure that you are getting the required proteins in your diet, and supplement the same with required minerals and vitamins as well.

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