Importance of Pukhraj stone (yellow sapphire)

Pukhraj or yellow sapphire is regarded as the gem belonging to corundum family. It is the twin brother of ruby and the extremely expensive blue sapphire. Pukhraj is available in different colors ranging from Gold to orange and is very popular among the users. According to the astrologers, it is quite beneficial for the people because Pukhraj brings good fortune.

Benefits of Pukhraj stone:

Prosperity: It is one of the most important stones among navratnas because of the capability to create wealth and prosperity for the people. People wear Pukhraj as it elevates their financial status and brings good health as well as fame. Yellow sapphire is known to transform people from rags to riches in the Indian culture. It is auspicious for people during the organization of events such as a wedding. People consider the stone as the epitome of spirituality and knowledge.

In sacred books, it is mentioned that married women wear pukhraj to lead a happy and prosperous life with their husbands. Since the gemstone is believed to invoke the power of Jupiter, it is bound to affect the life in a positive way. Females who are not getting married adorn the yellow sapphire because it may remove the obstruction and get suitable grooms for them. In addition, gemstone guarantees a stable married life with lots of children. Couples who are in love with each other but have parted ways may unite again if they wear the yellow sapphire. The majority of engagement rings in India contain yellow sapphire as it is extremely popular among people.

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Benefits for students: Vedas state that Pukhraj can impact the lives of the students by imparting knowledge and helping them to meet the challenges of academic life. They experience physical bliss and get all the desired worldly happiness. With blessings of the Jupiter, students can become professors or teachers in their later life. The planet is considered as the symbol of the wisdom of judgment, therefore by wearing the gemstone one can become a renowned academician.

Protection against disease: Yellow sapphire prevents the occurrence of chronic diseases such as heart attack and high blood pressure. It alleviates the anxiety of the person and increases the concentration power. Positive energy is radiated from the gemstone that can transform the lives of the people. Wearing Pukhraj goes a long way in treating the problem of cerebral congestion by improving blood circulation in the body. People who want to be fit and reduce weight should use the gemstone because it is known to reduce fat.

Identification of genuine Pukhraj: Due to heavy demand of the gemstone in the market, some vendors have launched fake versions that would not be effective to treat problems. In order to check whether it’s real, scratch the surface with the help of the steel material. The gemstone is extremely hard and gets scratched only by diamond.
Pukhraj is an expensive stone but a number of benefits it provides to the customers is worth the trouble. Prior to wearing the stone, make sure of visiting a reputed astrologer for further consultation and advice.

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