Importance of technology in hotel industry

Impacts of Technology in the Hotel Industry

One of the most progressive sectors in the world is ‘Hospitality and Tourism’. In the fast-paced world where people depend more and more on technology, hotel industries have to step up with the latest technological innovations. A person who has checked into a hotel should not feel like he has been alienated from the rest of the world. To enhance the comfort level of every guest, it is the responsibility of the hotels to be in coordination with the latest technology.

technology in hotels

Both the technology and the hotel industries are moving almost at an equal pace. Similar to the technological developments, hotels are also nowadays trying to implement new strategies to entice more potential clients. Let us see how important the technology is for a hotel industry.

Internet Access

However remote is the location of a hotel, proper internet access is a must. Though people prefer hotels surrounded by luscious greenery to calm and soothe their minds, they do not prefer it to be at the expense of a stable internet connection. People, today prefer to be well-informed about everything that is happening around the globe on time. This can be possible only if they are provided with internet access. Almost all the hotels nowadays provide Wi-Fi connectivity to their clients. This is considered to be one of the major attributes to enhance the number of clients.

Mobile Communication

Not all people travel with both laptop and mobile phones. Provision of a Wi-Fi alone will not be enough for the guests who are in dire need of a mobile phone connectivity. Hence a proper accessibility has to be ensured to maintain the reputation of the hotels.

Social Media

One of the major innovations in technology is the social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The reputation of a hotel can get improved or spoiled with the help of these media. The hotels also make use of these websites to promote their business. The comforts offered by them, latest innovations, etc., will easily reach the people through the media. The invitations to the parties organized by the hoteliers are also sometimes provided through the social media.

Reservation System

Everyone hates to stand in a long queue to check in to a hotel. One of the perks of technological advancement is that the guests can pre-book through the websites and hence can spare themselves from having to wait for their turn. Hotels with the pre-booking option are seen to have more customers compared to the hotels following the traditional booking system.

Implementation of RFID System

Many hotels nowadays follow the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system to ease their load of work. RFID systems help the management in a number of ways, namely, effective room management, tracking personnel, laundry management, etc.It also keeps the managers updated on the number of rooms occupied by the guests or the number of vacant rooms.

An Effective Feedback System

Internet serves as an interactive medium as opposed to the traditional marketing system. People can easily convey their feedbacks and complaints through the website. This would help the hotelier to take the necessary steps required to rectify the negative opinions and make the customers more comfortable.

Computer Systems

With the help of computer systems, the hotel management can be always in contact with their higher authorities or other branches. If a guest wants to change his booking to some other branch of a hotel, the management can easily deliver this message to the required branch within a few minutes. Thus, any possibility of havoc can be easily avoided.

Hence, we can say that technology plays a vital role in the field of hospitality and tourism. It is being applied mainly in three areas in the current scenario. They include operations, guest services, and management information. An efficient hotel management cannot function without the help of technology. Right from the check-in to the check-out of every guest is nowadays controlled by technology.

With the advent of technology, it has become impossible for the people to live without the internet and mobile phone accessibility. It is the responsibility of every hotelier to ensure that after checking-in, their customers do not feel like they are entering into a zone deprived of technology.

Technology if not properly used can even lead to legal complications for breaching privacy. Hence every hotelier should be careful enough while dealing with their customers and accessing the various websites for the booking purposes. Though the use of technology can be a boon as well as a curse at times, moving forward without its help can never be an option for any of the aspiring hotels.



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