Tips for successful exam preparation

When Exams are approaching near, a student faces many critical situations on concentrating different subjects at a time. We provide few useful tips to handle the exams easily and achieve great success.

Utilize your study time efficiently

Don’t bury your head inside the book and keep on studying fearfully. Just organize your work. Prepare a schedule and plan the time to be allotted for studying each subject. Avoid learning intensively the night before exam where scoring well becomes a question mark. Make sure to take a break after every 45 minutes and refresh yourself. If you are preparing for Olympiad, make sure to use the best site for SOF IMO, IEO, NSO syllabus, exam dates, books, results and preparation material


Stress should be dealt positively

Exam stress is quite normal and a bit of it can be a positive motivator. However, frustration or overwhelmed stress leads to deterioration in your performance. Regular exercise, intake of vegetables and fruits, preventing junk foods, taking a break for a while away from books soothes your mind and get ready for a fresh study.

Study with friends occasionally

Form a group study schedule and learn with your friends which will be motivating to clarify doubts. When people who work towards same goals merge, achievement gets speed up.

Don’t hesitate to clarify doubts

Teachers are pillars behind every student and they will be glad to help you. Don’t be afraid to get assistance from your support network when you struggle on a topic.

Take a good rest

After a tiresome schedule throughout the day, your brain craves for some rest. Get plenty of sleep for eight hours each night and avoid study till the early hours. Fresh morning makes you feel energetic throughout the day.

Preparation for the night before

Pack bags with essential items like good quality writing materials, calculator etc. the night before the exam. Do not rush during the last minute.

Have a calm and confident morning

Wake up early and have your breakfast compulsorily. Brain gets slower when you feel hungry.
Make a point to wear comfortable clothes so that you do not get disturbed of any weather report. Check your bag twice for all necessary things.

The Ultimate Exam hall… Don’t hurry

When you wait outside the exam hall, do not discuss the topics with friends because probably you will have learnt few different things, so don’t fear each other. Avoid going through your notes at last minute. Have a deep breathe and wait quietly.

Once inside, carefully look into the exam instructions and allocate time for each and every question. Do not forget the clock.
If you need to think for an answer, just skip it and return later. Be calm and cool in answering, so that you get good points to Impress the correcting person.

Do not leave the exam before time, use your full allocated time for completing and revising the answers. Do your best and you will definitely taste the fruit of success. Good Luck!

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