6 Tips to Transform the Process of Video Editing Using Artificial Intelligence

Experts say that artificial intelligence is completely revamping the video editing procedure, which is true to a considerable extent. When used in the right way, artificial intelligence can surely influence the future of the video editing process.

Videos are memorable and eye-catching. Whether you are creating any social media marketing campaign or putting together a certain home movie, video editing can be of good help in creating a quality-based finished product.

Well, there’s good news for all the professionals out there! They no longer need to be a pro at video editing for creating impressive video content successfully. The use of artificial intelligence can make the process very easy.

Some tips that can help marketers and business owners automate the video editing procedure and curate improved content are as follows:

1. Automatic Video Curation with the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning can well be used for analyzing and curating video footage. It was essentially the human editor who took hours and even days to go through videos and then curate the content. On the other hand, AI can do this same thing within the shortest time possible and adhere to the specific parameters.

Hence, human editors can have their focus on the use of AI-curated shots for creating final videos. In the majority of the cases, AI also functions completely on its own. Take the example of Google Clips, where artificial intelligence is used for identifying interesting and short clips for independent recording.

Apart from using a video maker, editors can also use other AI tools to automate and assist the video Curation procedure.

2. Creating Short Videos Using AI Can Be Valuable

This is an important tip that can help video marketers in the long run. If you want your videos to grab a good number of views, try making them short. It has become common to use bite-sized shots in this present era where videos have gained huge popularity on social media platforms.

Short videos help marketers in narrating stories while keeping the attention of the audience intact. The use of different AI tools can make the snippets easier to produce. The professionals who use video content for marketing their short clips and brands can use AI for stimulating activities and motion.

This can further help in making an engaging video. The ones using videos personally can trim them with machine learning and AI features.

3. Drag-and-Drop Video Editors Can Make the Procedure Easy

With the large scale popularity of videos, there is a surge of video editing tools. More and more marketers are also found using a free slideshow maker for editing their video content. Not to forget, AI can be used in most of these videos.

The ones lagging in video editing know-how and skills can use the drag-and-drop interface of AI-powered video editors. Different AI-based video editing tools can make it very easy for users to import raw footage, save files, and edit videos.

The drag-and-drop video editors do not just help in trimming videos but also enable the users to add transitions and filters to their videos. They can easily create professional-level content without having knowing how to use complex video editing software.

There are instances where such tools can help users in uploading videos directly to social media platforms. That’s a cut of yet another complicated step in the procedure.

4. Get Personal with One on One Videos

One on one videos can make way for more personal communication. It does not matter whether you are having a word with a friend located miles away or engaging with your consumer. 1:1 videos can play a significant role here.

Such videos are fast replacing slideshows and emails and have become one of the best communication choices for individuals and businesses. Seeing the person’s face on the other side helps in conveying tone and body language, which is not possible through written text.

The subject matter of the communication hardly matters. It is the tone and the way information is presented that matters. With 1:1 videos, users can articulate messages while bringing forward emotions at the same time. And such videos are a possibility these days with the introduction of AI tools.

5. Sharing Screen Space Can be Effective

AI has made it possible for online marketers and businesses to walk their customers through any complicated video procedure. Such interactions are no longer frustrating for the parties involved.

This is all because of the possibility of screen shares through the use of AI tools. Such tools help in eliminating the trouble of writing down instructions or verbalizing with someone to show the instructions.

Different AI tools can capture everything on the screen and incorporate sound for describing the steps that follow. AI-based video editing tools can be used for trimming videos and adding transitions between the steps.

So, now it is way easier to assist customers with complex software procedures or help grandmother log into her mailing ID. Screen recordings can make such interactions more effective and positive.

6. Go Fully Automated with Your Videos

Artificial intelligence comes as the key to top quality video editing. Automated video editing through AI helps individuals and businesses edit their content as per their requirements.

This is far more beneficial than going the non-AI way where videos cannot be edited as per the desires of the users.


So, it is best to consider artificial intelligence as one of the most useful tools that can completely simplify the video editing procedure. Artificial intelligence also helps in reducing the time that goes into editing video content.

That being said, you should understand that AI and the associated tools are still in their growth stages. Considering the infancy that they showcase at present, it is hard to tell what they might evolve into eventually. As for now, some great benefits are coming in with the use of AI in the video editing process.

Follow these six tips stated above to incorporate AI and take your videos to another level!

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