Importance of work-life balance

The Necessity of a Perfect Work-Life Balance

One of the most popular topics of debate in the world today is the necessity to ensure a proper work-life balance. As the word suggests, it is basically about the right amount of balance between family and work. A person should be able to provide equal attention to both their professional as well as their personal lives.

With a well maintained work-life balance, both the employee and the employer get benefitted. Conflict in either the professional or the personal life of a person would affect both their work as well as their family lives. It induces more stress in a person and hence also affects his productivity in a company. A poor work-life balance even results in the increase in the number of divorces in the country.

importance of work life balance

How to Establish a Proper Work-Life Balance?

  • Do not carry the stress and anger from work to your family life.
  • If you are an employer, do not pressurize the employee to attend the official calls or to hold client meetings during their non-working hours.
  • Implement regular programs to reduce the stress level of the employees.
  • Try to create a time frame for your work and family.
  • Attend authentic counseling sessions to control your inner turmoil.

Merits of Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

  • Helps to increase the productivity.
  • Reduced stress level helps to promote harmony among the employees.
  • When the employers try to reduce the pressure on their employees, a newly found trust and sincerity develop between them.
  • Employers who help the employees to maintain their work-life balance are benefitted with a high turnover and less employee retention.
  • Develops an optimistic outlook in a person.
  • Improves the health condition of the people and hence lowers the rate of absenteeism in an organization.
  • A healthy relationship with the family members

Demerits of a Lack of Work-Life Balance

  • Less Productivity
  • Emotional imbalance in a person at work.
  • Increased absenteeism.
  • More conflict at home and office.
  • Ruins the reputation of an entire organization.

In our fast-paced world, a work cannot be held up for a long period of time for anyone. But with the advent of technology, all the works have become a whole lot easier. Some of the organizations allow their employees to opt flexible working hours which help them to adjust their hours to meet the personal commitments. Organizations helping their employees to maintain a work-life balance are seen to be preferred by most of the recruits.

In the current world, the value of human relationships is deteriorating. People blame the technological innovations for this. But time has come for us to realize that the same technology on which we dump all the blames are not the actual problem in our lives. In fact, technology has given us many options to maintain our personal and professional lives.

More than half of the population in our country face with one or the other problem in their families. But what we fail to realize is that almost all those problems can be resolved if we are ready to spare a few minutes with them. Even the organizations today try not to overburden their employees. Rather than overloading yourself with all the works to show our capability and talents to the authorities, you have to learn to do job sharing or to work as a team.

Just like your clients, the people living with you also deserve the same amount of attention. Especially the children and elderly people feel abandoned when you prioritize your work above them. Spending your family time in completing the official tasks is not a healthy thing to do. The hard work we do in our professional lives is not only to be successful but also for a better standard of living for our families. Families with high standards of living should also have a healthy relationship.

Work-life balance is hence very essential to improve the emotional and mental stability of a person. Both the organizations for which we work and our families will be benefited only if we are capable of giving an equal amount of attention to both of them. With proper planning, we can easily attain this balance in our lives. People sometimes, choose to invest their time in work rather than trying to confront and solve the issues at home. This results in an imbalance in our work and lives. Thus, to succeed in this competitive world and to have a healthy life, work-life balance is a must.

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