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Importance of coal

Recently, news of archaeologists finding fossilized remains of 140 million-year-old pine tree made the headlines for various reasons. What the news did was to underscore the need for coal which the world still depends on as the main energy resource. The fact is that coal is to date the cheapest form of energy, and that… Read More »

Importance of Biosphere

Ever imagined about the life on any other planet? Have you ever thought of your existence in Mars or Jupiter? The whole universe is divided into two components: Biotic Components, which consists or comprises of living beings. Abiotic Components, which comprises of non-living beings Abiotic components comprise lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere, whereas biotic components consist… Read More »

Importance of tree plantation

Trees have played a pivotal role in the evolution of life on earth, and in ensuring that earth hosted a viable atmosphere that was beneficial for the development of advanced life forms. In fact, it was planted that first colonized the planet; the first plants appeared around 600 million years ago. The atmosphere of early… Read More »

Importance of Natural Resources

The resources that occur naturally on earth are known as natural resources. We depend on these resources in our daily lives. The entire progress of a nation depends on the existence of natural resources. There are two types of natural resources. They are exhaustible and inexhaustible. Examples of inexhaustible natural resources are water, sunlight, air,… Read More »

Importance of Lithosphere

The lithosphere is the outermost part of the earth. It is subdivided into tectonic plates. The lithosphere of the earth consists mainly of the crust and the upper mantle. There are basically two types of the lithosphere, namely – Oceanic Lithosphere and Continental Lithosphere. The lithosphere also contains the different types of rocks such as… Read More »

Importance of flowers

Why are the Flowers Important to Us? Who doesn’t like flowers? Everybody will have at least one favorite flower in their life. We all have a lot of happy moments in our lives and we celebrate them through parties, and other events. But all the happy moments in our lives seem to be incomplete without… Read More »

Importance of Oxygen

Oxygen is an important element in the atmosphere without which we cannot live. The word oxygen comes from the Greek words, ‘Oxus’ meaning ‘acid’ and ‘Gennan’ meaning ‘generate’. Obviously, we are all aware of that fact. Do you think that there is no other use of oxygen in our lives? Actually, pure oxygen has a… Read More »

Importance of photosynthesis

Photosynthesis – For The Existence of Life on Earth Everyone might be aware of the term ‘Photosynthesis’. Other than as a chemical process happening within the green plants, have you ever amused about the role it plays in our lives? It’s quite obvious that no one would like to waste their time and energy thinking… Read More »

Benefits of afforestation

We cut down anywhere between 7-10 billion trees a year and estimates show that there are close to 400 billion trees that exist on this earth and if you do the math then you’ll know that it not such a long time before we cut down all trees, not more than two life times at… Read More »

Importance of birds

We humans take a lot of things for granted in our lives and these things that we take granted for though beneficial to our everyday lives are ignored and never looked into too much. One such thing we never care to think twice about are the birds that accommodate this planet along with us and… Read More »