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Importance of Outdoor Games

Are you or your kids interested in outdoor games? Do you think it is necessary for the development of an individual? If not, it is time to give your opinion a second thought. No matter what you do during your leisure period, if you are not interested in outdoor activities it will be a great… Read More »

Importance of Sodium

Do you know that sodium is an important mineral? If not, why do you think we add salt in almost all the foods we eat? Even though we all see salt as just a flavor, it is very important in our day-to-day life. Nobody can live a healthy life by cutting off the supply of… Read More »

Importance of Milk

It has been common knowledge that milk is essential to one’s health and that seems to have been common knowledge even in pre-historic times as well. Early man had known that babies require fresh milk and that it is an essential component for their development though he would have been ignorant of the specifics. And… Read More »

Importance of Hygiene

Why is Hygiene Important? What do you think is the importance of hygiene in our lives? Even though we live in a technologically well-advanced world, more than half of the population do not have a clear idea of the importance of hygiene. For many people, hygiene is just a word with very less importance. Do… Read More »

Who gives the purest water: The story of UV Water Purifiers

Water is an essential requirement for human life. Water purifiers are increasing in the house today by increasing day-to-day water pollution. Today, there are approximately 71 names of water purifiers available in the market from Rs. Thousand to Rs. Fifty thousand rupees. Regarding water purifiers, an ordinary person has little scientific knowledge. An average person… Read More »

Importance of weaning

Weaning is the process of food consumption by the baby from the source other than breast milk. It is a way of complementing the breastfeeding with the other food sources as a nutrition supplement for the development of the baby. A majority of the doctors recommend exclusive breastfeeding until the baby is six months old.… Read More »

Importance of Vaccination

We live in a world where diseases have become very common. Many people depend on costly medicines to save themselves from various diseases. In order to save the future generations, vaccinations are highly recommended by the doctors and other medical organizations. Vaccination, also known as immunization is provided to both adults and children. This will… Read More »

Importance of HIV & AIDS Awareness

Do you know why December 1 is marked as the World AIDS Day? It is to create awareness about the pandemic AIDS caused by the HIV infection. Thousands of people across the world are suffering from this epidemic disease. There are also people who might be HIV positive but still don’t have any clue about… Read More »

Importance of Ultrasound

Ultrasound or sonography is the type of scanning method used in the field of medical science to get the live images of the internal organs of the body. This method makes the use of high-frequency waves to attain these images. One of the major advantages of using this technique is that the patient does not… Read More »

Importance of Vegetables

Do you like to eat vegetables? Not all people in this world prefer to be vegetarians. They might prefer the delicious non-vegetarian foods like meat, fish, etc., over the vegetables. The fact is, even though some of the seafood and other non-vegetarian dishes are nutritious, they will never be able to compete with the nutritional… Read More »