Importance of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence also known as AI, is a modern form of technology where computers can mimic, perform several tasks, and think like human beings. Artificial intelligence (A.I.) can perform various tasks which are helpful to a person like playing with them, understanding what humans are saying, etc. It makes computers think similar to people.

artificial intelligence importance

Generation-by-Generation, Artificial Intelligence is getting more-and-more advance. Modern Computers can do many things better than a Human.

Why is artificial intelligence important?

In this post, we will study about how artificial intelligence plays a significant role in one’s life. How they are important for us and why we need it.

Artificial Intelligence helps us perform the tasks in our day-to-day life, making decisions and completing our daily chores. This makes A.I. a lot popular these days.

They can be found everywhere in our surroundings. Have you ever played video games? Most of the people would have. In every modern video game, all the characters have artificial intelligence which allows them to follow the main player, attack and fight automatically without human interaction.

Another famous example of artificial intelligence is fraud detection system. Many times we receive fake emails such as login to bank, credit card security, etc. These systems analyze emails and many banks have security methods which prevent theft of credit card details, etc.

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Online customer support: Many Websites has implemented bots which can answer queries themselves without needing a human. They can answer question, issue license keys and do more.

This is a great relief to major companies as it allows dealing with customers without needing agents. The customer gets all the benefit of chatting with an agent whereas a bot performs all the tasks. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a brilliant way.

Intelligent personal assistant: These personal assistants can perform a lot of tasks with voice commands from the user. Siri in Apple’s iPhones is a great example of it. You just have to give a voice command to the Siri, and it can perform tasks like calling a person, setting an alarm, performing a web search, playing music and a lot more.

A.I. in Video Games: It is not possible for the creator to control other characters in the game. Thus, programmers add artificial intelligence in the game which controls all the other characters in the game and allows them to run, shoot, follow, and do creative tasks.

Automatic Cars: With the advancement in automobile technology, car manufacturers have also developed cars which can run on their own without needing a human being controlling it. However, you cannot see these cars on the road yet; developers are working on getting it on the road. These types of cars rely on GPS, camera and other sensors which detect surrounding and allow a smooth run.

Email Spam Filtering: There are Millions of Spam Emails send every day. It is necessary to have a clean inbox so that you won’t miss or lost your important email in the bin of spam and unnecessary emails. Email filters do great work in keeping your inbox clean. These systems find spam email by sender’s address, IP, Geo-Location, words used etc. If they found a match, either they send the email to spam box or delete it completely.

These Examples tell us how important artificial intelligence has become in our modern life. But this is just a start; we are going to see a lot of great inventions using AI which will make our lives a lot easier. Do you know any other way where Artificial Intelligence is being used in a creative way? Share with us in the comments below.


importance of artificial intelligence, importance of artificial intelligence in our life

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