Importance of attendance

How often have you been late to an important meeting or for that matter, have you always been in the habit of being late for most of your life? If this sounds familiar, then you definitely need to read on. Most of us have been late for school, late for classes in college, late for that date to the point where the date just walked out in a huff and the list goes on. The question that you need to ask yourself is why you would be late for an important meeting but the fact remains that something or the other always gets in the way. It is important that you attend these crucial meetings, be it school, interview, business meeting or for that matter, even your wedding on time. The early bird catches the worm and that’s a saying that most of us are familiar with but a bird that does not show up at all, always goes hungry. This is why it is important that you attend all the important meetings and on time so as to best utilize the opportunities that come your way. Check out some of the reasons why attendance is important, especially for young school kids.

importance of attendance

  • Value: Young kids are required to maintain good attendance all through until the time they graduate from high school. One of the reasons why children are required to attend to their classes daily is that it instills in them the basic value of attending all important meetings on time. More to the point, these young kids develop this habit early on and would always remember the importance of attending important meetings and on time. Whereas those who are homeschooled and in a less than formal environment are more likely to be late to key meetings than those who had attended regular school classes.
  • Opportunity: By ensuring that kids attend their classes on time and as per schedule, the school is providing them all with an equal opportunity which should help prepare them for life ahead. By missing out on essential classes, the kids in question would be underprepared and not that equipped to handle the challenges in life. This is why it is important, nay necessary to cultivate the importance of attendance in kids when they are at an impressionable age.
  • Career: Kids, who maintain good attendance, tend to get the best out of their school and the various opportunities that come their way. Some of the parents often opt to homeschool their children but this may not always be the best way to prepare them for the life ahead. For starters, they would not realize the value of attendance and attending classes on your own without other children or kids can impact the personality of the concerned kid. This is why it is always a better option to enroll your kid in an appropriate school so as to prepare them for the life ahead. This is not to imply that homeschooling is flawed but that some of the parents may not be up to the challenge and every kid needs to develop a healthy personality which is why a school may be the perfect setting.
  • Poor attendance: There are several kids who often drop out of school for one reason or the other. Some of the reasons that a few kids may not attend their classes regularly could be on account of their bad health, economic circumstances, or even personal circumstances that stem from divorce. All of these often contribute to reasons why a particular student may no longer attend their classes regularly and may eventually drop out altogether. More often than not, kids that fail to attend their classes regularly do not get lucrative career opportunities, and some even turn to a life of crime and even substance abuse. All of this takes a toll on their health, over prolonged periods of time.

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Given the impact that poor attendance can have on your life, it should become patently clear why you need to instill the value and importance of education in your kids from early on, so as to ensure that they are trained and equipped for the life ahead. It is essential that your kids inculcate this value early on so that they can best utilize the various opportunities that come their way. Just remember, that it is equally important to instill in your kids the importance of being on time, along with the essential importance of attendance.

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