Importance of bacteria

Are Bacteria Good Or Bad?

“Bacteria” is a term we are all aware of. Bacteria are the microorganisms known to be the cause of numerous diseases and allergies in the world. But are all bacteria harmful? Certainly not. There are some bacteria which are clinically proven to be good for our health. They are also used by people in various food products and medicines. People have actually started to realize that bacteria not only spoil food and cause diseases, but they also can help us to lead a healthy life.

importance of bacteria

Bacteria in our Body

There are some bacteria which, if entered in our body can cause deadly diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and so on. But not all bacteria are the same. There are certain bacteria present in our respiratory and digestive systems which help in improving the immunity system of our body. The growth of the cells in our happen due to the absorption of fatty acids. This absorption is supported by various bacteria present in the system.

Bacteria present in the large intestine and small intestine help to prevent the growth of other harmful bacteria in our body. They are also responsible for the production of the essential vitamins required to maintain our health, for instance, vitamin B12 and vitamin K.

All the food items we consume in our day-to-day life are not completely nutritious. There might be even harmful preservatives or additives in them. These poisons get removed from our large intestine with the help of bacteria.

Bacteria in our Economy

The presence of bacteria is not limited to our body. They are also utilized in the processing of a large number of food products, medicines, agriculture and so on. The major areas where bacteria are being widely used are mentioned below:

  • In Food Processing – The yogurt and cheese, which are the favorites among people, are made using a milk-souring bacterium, Lactobacillus bulgaricus’. The process of fermentation in various food products like sourdough bread is also done using bacteria.
  • In Agriculture – Pests and insects are the major challenges faced in the field of agriculture. If proper care is not taken, these organisms would spoil the entire field within a short span of time. In order to eliminate the pests and insects, bacteria are used to produce pesticides and insecticides which are environment-friendly. Hence, when compared to other harmful chemicals, bacteria help to preserve the agriculture while simultaneously causing less harm to other living beings.
  • In the Field of Medicine – To enhance our immunity and health, bacteria are used in the production of many medicines. Antibiotics like Streptomycin, insulin, growth hormone, etc., are some of the best-known examples among them.
  • In Biotechnology – Biotechnology is the process in which both bacteria and fungi are utilized in the manufacturing of chemicals such as ethanol, enzymes, organic acids, and perfumes.
  • In Leather Industry – They are used widely in the tanning process of leather.
  • In Fiber Retting – In order to separate the fiber of jute, flax, etc., from the stem of the plants, bacterium like Clostridium butyricum is used in the process of retting.

Bacteria thus can be seen both as a boon and a curse. We cannot sustain in this world without the presence of bacteria. As per the numerous studies, efforts done to create bacteria-free environment are contributing to the increasing number of patients suffering from cancer, obesity and other cardiovascular diseases.

If you wish to have a normal and healthy life, then the presence of bacteria is inevitable. One cannot have a healthy and bacteria-free life at the same time. Though the immunity system of our body can be pretty much maintained using other types of antibiotics wherein the bacteria are not used, prolonged use of such medicines can cause various other side-effects like kidney failure, lung disorders, etc.

Even from the food processing industries bacteria cannot be eliminated. The scrumptiousness of various food items like cheese and yogurt cannot be attained without the help of bacteria. Moreover, if these bacteria get substituted by chemicals, the susceptibility of our body to the deadly diseases becomes very high.

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Hence, if you perceive the reality from a wider angle, you would realize that bacteria are one of the very important microorganisms present in the environment and also in our body. The stability of both the environment and our body gets disrupted in the absence of bacteria. As far as we continue to utilize the good bacteria in our day-to-day lives rather than plotting ways to eradicate them from the environment, a safe and normal life can be ensured.

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