Importance of biodiversity for human life

If you think that only environmental values are being preserved by biodiversity then you are wrong as human values are also highly protected by the same. A complete global balance is being maintained by biodiversity. Humans can now get social, spiritual cultural, physical and economic benefits as a result if healthy ecosystem which is a part of biodiversity. In this case, controlled natural conditions lead to greater human health.

importance of biodiversity

List of ecosystem services:

Innumerable ecosystem services are now getting offered by biodiversity and some of the most prominent ones are as follows:-
•    Water-resource protection.
•    Soil protection and formation.
•    Nutrient recycling and storage.
•    Pollution absorption and breakdown.
•    Ecosystem maintenance.
•    Unpredictable events recovery.
•    Climatic stability.
•    Different kinds of improved biological resources can be efficiently utilized like foods, pharmaceutical drugs, wood products, medicinal resources, ornamental plants, future resources, population reservoirs, breeding stocks and others.
•    Ecosystem, species, and gene diversity can be invited by biodiversity.
•    There are some vital social benefits that can be derived from biodiversity and they are an improvement of cultural values, tourism and recreation, monitoring, education and research.

How can biodiversity boost up human health?

Both human values and health can be easily maintained with the help of biodiversity. Cultural, spiritual, physical, emotional and social benefits of human beings can be invited with biodiversity. Human population can be easily regulated as a result of which a proper natural balance can be maintained without any mess.

•    Dietary health, food security, and livelihood sustainability can be well-supported by biodiversity. Since food production can be controlled under protective environment, therefore, the human diet can be efficiently managed. If healthy foods are taken, then you will never face either vitamin deficiencies or micronutrients. In this way, nutritional benefits can be transferred from foods to human beings.

•    Both modern and traditional medicines can be derived from varied wild species. Innumerable plants and animals are required for creating varied useful medicines of the modern age. These medicines are used for curing human diseases and here lies the significance of biodiversity. Different useful drugs that are created from natural resources are pain killers, cardiac drugs, anti-cancer drugs and others. More and more intricate researches are going on so that more advanced medicines for human beings can be created.

•    Adaptation of climatic changes has been facilitated by biodiversity. In this respect, different useful ecosystem services have been introduced so that human communities can be protected against greater risks in the long run. Pathogen ecology change, disease-pattern change and others can be properly balanced by biodiversity in order to make human life much comfortable.

•     Healthy ecosystems have got the highest efficiency in the adverse impacts of various natural disasters especially floods, landslides, droughts and others. If the ecological balance is not maintained properly then human life will be at stake as exposure towards climatic disasters will be more. Biodiversity’s sustainable development is helpful in effective utilization of the natural resources so that human heath can be promoted and livelihood can be rebuilt.

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