Importance of Biosphere

Ever imagined about the life on any other planet? Have you ever thought of your existence in Mars or Jupiter? The whole universe is divided into two components:

  1. Biotic Components, which consists or comprises of living beings.
  2. Abiotic Components, which comprises of non-living beings

Abiotic components comprise lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere, whereas biotic components consist of the biosphere. The mixture of biotic and abiotic components is called as ecosphere.

importance of biosphere

Until now, the existence of life has been only possible in our cosmos that is earth. Earth or our cosmos has four layers, or we can say four constraints. They are named lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere. These are also referred to as part of our environment. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the shelter we live in, the water we drink consists of the biosphere. It is one of the layers of the earth, which is the home to many living and non- living things. When you talk about biosphere or in the biosphere every commute is interconnected.

For instance, the entire food chain is dependent on the activities carried out in the biosphere. For living beings, we need oxygen to breathe and maintain our well being. Oxygen is supplied from the plant and the exhalation of carbon dioxide is captured by plants, which makes our life easier. Simultaneously plant needs sunlight for the process of photosynthesis, so that small bacteria, fungi can maintain their existence.

The biosphere can be also be considered as the other name of life. The life exists below and above the surface of cosmos. For the production of energy, there is a continuous interaction between the living and non-living beings, which is directly or indirectly processed by the biosphere. Polluting the environment or the earth/ecosphere is now a day’ a burning topic. The humans pollute the whole system in some or other way like:

  • Air Pollution – We are now living in a concrete world, where a large portion of the planet is occupied by huge factories and industries. The factories produce a huge amount of toxic gases and fumes which are directly released to the atmosphere and they gradually get accumulated in the environment. This accumulation makes our UV protection (layer) thin which may result in many harmful diseases.
  • Water Pollution – Even though water is one of the most important elements, we are still not aware of the importance of water. We wash our utensils, trash our fertilizers and chemical products to the water. This again might lead to different varieties of disease like typhoid and also affects our natural water resources like Ganges River.
  • Land Pollution – It is again one of the major concerns we face in the current world. The use of plastics in large quantities will definitely become a threat to the existence of both living and non-living things.

It is high time we realize the importance of Biosphere. Below mentioned are the important aspects of the biosphere:

  • Acts as a protection for the earth –  Taking care of our biosphere, maintaining and saving it all possible way can protect us from the direct radiation coming from the Sun. The direct radiation causes harmful disease like cancer, various types of skin diseases and also affects our monuments. The Ultra Violet rays from the sun degrade our natural heritage.
  • It acts as a protection for the earth –  Taking care of our biosphere, maintaining and saving it all possible way can protect us from the direct radiation coming from the Sun.
  • Maintains a balance of our ecosystem – In our environment all the biotic and abiotic components play a major role and their interaction is benefited by the whole universe.
  • Makes the life possible beneath the ocean – We have life beneath the ocean or underwater. Have you ever imagined how living beings survive deep below the ocean, or how people survive even in extreme temperatures? It is because of the formation and protection of a thin layer that takes and makes life possible underwater or minus degree temperature.
  • Helps in the regulation of the climate – Farmers cannot cultivate crops because of varied change in climate. This will lead to a huge loss and scarcity of grains. This happens due to the instability of nature. The biosphere can fix this problem if proper care is taken.

In short, protecting our planet is not so difficult. No one will understand the importance of the biosphere better than us. It is high time we should change our lifestyle so that we can protect our life sphere, i.e., the biosphere.


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