Importance of Biotechnology

In the simplest of terms, Biotechnology is a technology which is based on biology. Biotechnology is about harnessing biomolecular and cellular process in order to develop certain products and that would help improve the overall health condition of the entire mankind. The biological processes of the microorganisms have been used by biotechnology to develop different kinds of food products and supplements.

importance of biotechnology

Various traditional industries like fermentation and food processing have been influenced by Biotechnology. A whole new concept of industrial production and manufacturing of antibiotics, hormones, various kinds of chemicals, energy and food sources has been developed based on Biotechnology.

Benefits of Biotechnology

There are numerous ways in which Biotechnology has benefited the mankind. Here is a couple of them:

•    Benefits to the farmers: Biotechnology in various ways has contributed to the entire process of crop production. It has come up with various types of chemicals and fertilizers which have helped in the increased production of crops. It is Biotech which has introduced the concept of pesticides and other kinds of deterrents which protect crops from insects and other kinds of harmful elements. It is because of the various inventions in the field of Biotechnology, these days crops can be grown even under the most adverse climatic conditions. They have been made tolerant to heat, they can sustain drought and various other forms of industrial hazards.

•    Benefits to the Processors: There are various ways in which the food processing industry has been benefited by Biotechnology. It has helped to improve the content and quality of different kinds of animal feed, energy, and food sources. The various kinds of healthy food items and supplements which we use today are all products of Biotechnology. It is this field of science which has brought about a revolution in the entire domain of the food industry.

•    Benefits to the Consumers: The fact that Biotechnology has helped in the process of farming and food processing industry has made sure that the consumers are also benefited from it. These days, we can avail various kinds of food items which contain additional protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It is Biotechnology which has gifted us with a new type of foods. Earlier, these nutrients were available in nature, today, with the help of Biotech, they are available to us in packed form and in the proportion we want. It has made our life much healthier than before.

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•    Environmental Benefits: This is another major benefit of Biotechnology. It has been used to make sure that our environment remains fresh and free from different kinds of contaminants. It has also helped us to conserve energy and soil. Biotechnology has been used to reduce the greenhouse gasses to a great extent. The level of the toxic herbicides has been successfully reduced with the help of Biotechnology. It has also been used to conserve natural resources and the fertility of the soil.
These are some of the major contributions of Biotechnology. Apart from these, there are other areas which have benefited from the study and researches carried out in this field.


importance of biotechnology

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  1. Mckay

    I don’t know much about biotechnology but after reading this essay, I know it is really important sector for humans. I was given an assignment on this topic and your essay has really helped me out. Thanks!

  2. vikki

    What is the importance of biotechnology?

    Biotechnology is a special kind of technology that predominantly deals with the effective utilization of different kinds of natural resources. To be more precise, biology is the actual niche of this specific technology.
    This technology has reduced the wastage of natural resources to a great extent as a result of which maximized results can be extracted. On the other hand, this technology also deals with a great variety of environmental or
    weather changes bringing disasters or tragedies.

    These disasters often create lifetime impacts and thus they need to be controlled efficiently with the use of biotechnology. If you observe carefully, then you will find that society welfare is completely dependent on biotechnology and this fact has been gladly accepted by the modern researchers and scientists.

    Why use biotechnology?

    • Growth and taste of different organic foods especially fruits and veggies can be boosted up to a great extent.
    • Both texture and flavor of veggies and fruits can be well-preserved in the long run by applying this specific technology.
    • The protection level of different agricultural crops can be highly ensured as a result of which farming standard can be enhanced.
    • Pest-resistance traits of plants can be increased naturally so that the plants can remain protected even with pesticide utilization. On the other hand, the pesticide utilization has also been decreased these days with the application of this technology.
    • Since plants remain at outdoors, therefore, they are exposed to different kinds of climatic changes or weather elements like heat, snow, rain, strong winds and others. With the help of this technology, plants can gain the power to resist these elements in a tough way.
    • Agricultural pests are being tracked and monitored in order to find out that whether they are harmful to plants or not. If they are not found harmful then the pesticide application need can be definitely reduced.
    • The virus-resisting power of plants can be increased so that the plants can stay away from different kinds of unhealthy diseases that cause great harm to their health and growth.
    Commonest uses of biotechnology
    • Beverages especially alcohol can be now easily produced by applying industrial biotechnology. Microbes and enzymes are involved in the process of making alcohols and these elements can be utilized potentially by biotechnology.
    • Biodiesel can be created from the fermentation of plant-derived sugars and this fermentation can be processed with biotechnology. In this case, carbon impact can be minimized with the usage of this biofuel. Fuel quality can be improved and on the other hand, pollution can be reduced.
    • Washing detergent is another useful household product that can be created with biotechnology. In this case, enzymes and cells are industrially processed for creating this product.
    • Fabrics can be developed from dyeing process where biotechnology is included. The materials especially polyester, nylon, tanning agents, dyes and others can be created with biotechnology processing and these materials are required for creating different kinds of fabrics. In fact, these fabrics help in the preservation of warmth and comfort.


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