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Hosted Learning Management Systems

A learning management system varies based on the objectives of the organization, online training strategy, as well as its desired outcomes. The commonest use of these systems is to deploy and trace e-training initiatives. Once the assets are uploaded to the LMS, it makes it easily accessible for any remote learner. This system can be… Read More »

Importance Of Social Distancing

Coronavirus has caused a lot of destruction in the society. This deadly infection has impacted almost all nations in the world and has taken lives of millions of people. Coronavirus is contagious in nature. It spreads from one person to another by way of coughing, and sneezing. As no vaccine has been invented to treat… Read More »

Importance Of Online Teaching

The Internet has changed the way of teaching. With the use of software, and innovative technologies, online teaching is emerged as an effective way to teach, and learn. This new method of teaching offers more advantages when compared to the conventional classroom experience. It comprises of several computer-assisted teaching methods that involves specific software, and… Read More »

Rise of Fake News in Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are used by the majority of the people around the globe for different reasons. Just like most of us get educated with all the latest news happening around the globe. Due to that, there are several fake news surfacing on different social media platforms. Facebook is the most used social media platform… Read More »

What is the difference between a router and a modem?

Most of you out there get both the Router and Modem as a package from your Internet service provider (ISP), even if not both at least the modem, and hence, you don’t know the actual difference between Router and Modem? I got confused when spectrum ( spectrum is a cable network) offered me to choose… Read More »

Importance of a website

The Benefits of Having a Website Being a successful entrepreneur is the dream of many people. One of the major factors which will help you in achieving this dream is a website. Maintaining a website will give your organization and products more credibility. Customers all over the world try to find out the information about… Read More »

Importance of Bitcoin

Have you heard of digital currencies? Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency or digital currency. It is now considered as a worldwide payment system. Launched in the year 2009, this cryptocurrency works using a peer-to-peer network. With the help of this network, the users can make the transactions directly without the intervention of a third… Read More »

Importance of Cryptography

Cryptography is the study of techniques used for ensuring a secured communication. With the help of cryptography, you can construct protocols which will prevent the third parties from reading your private messages. Cryptography is nowadays used in a number of applications such as military communications, e-commerce, computer passwords, digital currencies, and so on. Cryptography is… Read More »