Importance of creativity

The most vibrant professions in the world require creativity as a prerequisite. And that is the reason why we are urged to being out our creativity in different ways ever since we are children. Creativity is the ability to look at the world differently, and finding unique solutions to problems. A creative person is valued at every step of their lives- be it personal, social, or professional. Without creativity, we would not have the greatest literature, nor the most breathtaking architectural structures and fine art. Here, let us take a look at what makes this attribute so important in our daily lives.

7 reasons why creativity is important

importance of creativity

It’s a mode of expression

Creative expression is the purest form of self expression, a way of letting out a bit of yourself into the world. When an artist creates a painting or a sculpture, they are letting the world into a little part of their soul, and putting a bit of themselves into the world. When an architect draws the blueprint of a building, they will inevitably put in something personal, some architectural peculiarity that attracts them, or has some connection with their life.

It’s a vent

Someone once said that all art is a form of confession. While all art might not actually be some kind of admittance of guilt, art can certainly be a form of expressing one’s pent up emotions. A sorrowful poem or song may be the poet’s way of letting out their unhappiness. When we analyze paintings and poetry of great artists, we often find correlation between the inner meaning of the art and the poet’s state of mind at the time of creation.

It’s practical, too

Creative expression is not just a way of looking into an artist’s soul. It has very real implications in the field of psychology, and by extension, law. Psychologists around the world attempt to get a glimpse of the writings and drawings of their patients to get underneath the exterior that might not reveal much. For instance, recently in India, it was a traumatized child’s drawings that gave the judge a clue into her trial of being repeatedly raped, and convicted the offender.

Advertisement advantage

A creative person is a much valued employee at any workplace, and especially so in the field of marketing and advertisement. Creativity is not just limited to writing, drawing, and building; it is also being able to think outside the box and see what doesn’t meet the eye. The most interesting advertisements we see on television and in the web are the most creative ones. The more creative the advertisement is, the more likely is the audience to watch it through. The intended message will get across, and chances of the audience turning into buyers will potentially increase.

Marketing tool

In fact, creativity is required not just in the world of advertisement. It is also highly important in marketing. The marketing department of every company always looks for someone who is creative enough to be able to think out of the box, so that they are able to come up with innovative marketing ideas that will click with the people and increase the reach for the company. For instance, when drinking and driving became a huge problem, beer manufacturing company Budweiser launched a series of campaigns urging people to drink responsibly. Such a campaign is unique, since it creates an impression of a responsible and practical producer that is aware of the dangers associated with their product.

Relieves boredom

Doing something creative is a great way of relieving boredom. In fact, the human mind is wired to be creative, which is why we associate the feelings of boredom and restlessness when we find ourselves in a stagnated situation. Doing something even slightly creative can energize us and get us out of the rut. It can be dancing, singing, writing something, or even cooking.

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Relieves stress

It is not just boredom that is allayed by creativity. Studies have found that in moments of stress, engaging in something creative allows us to take our minds off it for the moment, instead immersing itself in something that we enjoy. In the process, our mind gets over the fatigue induced by stress, and becomes better equipped to deal with the situation at hand once more.
Creativity is something that is very personal, and yet is our footprint on this world. When we do something creative, we are embracing our inner selves, and becoming better people in the process. It is a way of expressing and of healing, and our road to success on a professional level. It is something we are all born with; all we have to do is tap into it and let the energies flow.

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