Importance of Drones

Drones are one of the most advanced innovations made with the help of technology. A drone is basically an unmanned aerial vehicle. It can be operated either by a human being using remote controls or by a network of computers. These vehicles are used mostly in operations which are considered to be dangerous or impossible for the human beings.

The drones nowadays have a lot of applications in the economy. They include agriculture, military operations, delivery of materials, surveillance, scientific and commercial activities, aerial photography, etc.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the functions performed by these drones, which makes them important to us.

importance of drones


The field of agriculture has witnessed a lot of advancement with the arrival of drones. The remote sensing technology in these drones will help to understand the rate of growth of a plant or a crop, the probability of diseases in plants, climatic conditions, etc. The spraying of the insecticides and pesticides, which are essential for the growth of the crops have become easy with this technology. This system will help to reduce the environmental impact of these chemicals on the environment by applying the pesticides precisely on these crops.

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Safety of the people and their behavior

A number of countries across the globe use this technology to ensure the safety of their people. The emergency services like firefighting utilize the drones to effectively take care of all the people in danger. With the help of this technology, the authorities can assess the behavior of the people and identify the suspects or threats easily. The traffic can also be managed efficiently with the help of drones. Even if the people are lost in the highly dangerous areas, these drones will be able to rescue them easily.

Military Services

The military services have become more efficient with the advent of drones. These aerial vehicles are small in size and can easily squeeze even into the confined spaces. The threats of terrorism can be detected with the help of drones. The soldiers also use these vehicles for bombing activities. Hence, the hideouts of the terrorists can be spotted and destroyed on time without causing any harm to the soldiers.

Air Warfare

Drones are effectively used in the air warfare in many developed countries. These vehicles can operate continuously for a period of 16 hours. Thus, any surveillance required on the suspects can be done without any interruption with the help of the drones. No more human beings will be required to fly the aircraft in these countries.


The drones have made the work of the journalists easier. Many of the Hollywood films have been effectively shot with the help of these aerial vehicles. These unmanned vehicles will help to reach the heights which are unreachable for the human beings.

Delivery of products

This is one of the applications of drones, which is still under research. With the help of this technology, the effort of human beings can be reduced to a great extent. The delivery and shipping of almost all the products will become far easier and faster with the help of drones. Whether it is a pizza or a gift package, all the products can be delivered within a short span of time.

Weather forecast

Drones are used to effectively forecast the weather and the changes in the climatic conditions. Any probable natural or man-made calamities can also be predicted with the help of these machines.


Aerial photography has become possible with the innovation of drones. The aerial views of the areas, which was otherwise impossible to shoot have become possible with this machine.
You no longer have to depend on a selfie stick to click your selfies. The drones will help you capture the perfect selfie from any height with the help of these drones.

Archaeological Surveys

The scientists no longer have to spend hours on any archaeological land to find the information. The drones will find the details easily and more efficiently than any human beings. The cameras in them will also help to get the necessary shots of the sites.
The applications of drones are not limited to the aforementioned list. There are a number of other military and non-military operations where the drones have already showcased their efficiency. The human efforts have considerably reduced with the help of these unmanned aerial vehicles.

In short, the role of drones is inevitable in the growth of our economy. For the better efficiency and safety of the country and its people, these drones are highly necessary. Studies are still going on to determine its uses on various other sectors. Once these studies get completed, the drones will become more powerful in the progressive economy.

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