Importance of Hobbies

Virginia Woolf had once said – ‘If you are losing your leisure, look out! – It may be you are losing your soul!’ and very true are these words. Right from the childhood itself, a human being learns to engage in some extracurricular activities such as sketching, playing, fine arts and much more apart from the formal education. It is up to the individual as to which hobby one will pick up based on the knack of the person towards a certain activity.

importance of hobbies

This particular activity that is being done out of simple liking of mind is commonly known as the hobby and usually, individuals indulge in their hobbies in order to relax from the routine-bound studies and work. It is usually stated these days that life has become so much stressful and hectic that there is hardly any time left for harnessing the hobbies. However, this is not quite desirable given the fact that without hobbies, one cannot imagine leading a healthy and happy life because hobbies help a lot in the all-around mental and personality development. Apart from that, hobbies are also essential for reducing the levels of stress and tension in the human lives because one can enjoy and make the most of life by spending some quality time with the hobbies.

How hobbies help in rejuvenating?

Hobbies range from plain sketching and drawing to dancing, cooking, gardening, sports and much more. It depends upon the nature and character of the individual person who is associated with a particular hobby. However, the basic aim of hobbies is the same and that is to give a refreshing feeling to the human beings by allowing them to let loose in something that they love to do. Not every work should be done for monetary pleasures only but some activities ought to be there that only fulfill the soul by enriching it. So, here goes a few ways by which hobbies help to revive in life:

  • Taking a break is one of the essential prerequisites of life and hobbies make that possible by enabling one to have a snatch of time from the busy schedules and dive into the hobbies. This is not only good for health but also aids in the process of development of another talent inside an individual that can also be an additional benefit for the person in the future as well. Often hobbies have been found to be getting transformed into a passion, that is even more interesting in the long run.
  • Hobbies assist in building proper social relationships especially in the case of sports and other physical activities because one gets to interact with others and this facilitates a healthy relationship as a whole. Moreover, the activities that are group based and need teamwork also help in gaining some characteristic traits like leadership qualities, the ability to work as a team and other allied factors.
  • Juggling between jobs and hobbies also gives the person a habit of balancing both that will also aid in achieving the correct work-life balance in the future. This is important because too much work and no relaxation can lead to degradation of the quality of work and can prove harmful for the overall mental and physical health as well.
  • Whenever a person is taking up a hobby, it is also giving a chance to take up challenging tasks related to hobbies as well. For example, a person looks forward to some photography exhibition or skiing, bungee jumping, traveling or undergoing any adventurous activity that makes the person happy with excitement. There is always a thirst to do something different and live life in a larger way by practicing these hobbies in life, which also shapes the individual’s strength of character in every possible manner.
  • There are some hobbies such as exercising, yoga, aerobics, dancing and the like that are very much useful as stress relievers. This is because a person forgets everything while doing all these and for the time being, gets transported to some other world that is completely one’s own. The worries are all left behind along with the work pressures and once the whole thing is over, the person comes back to real life as a new person full of new energy ready to fight afresh.
  • Apart from all these, hobbies also help in maintaining the fitness of mental and physical health, improve work performance and help to fight back mental disorders such as depression as well.

Hence, it can very well be said that hobbies are vital for the all-around wellness of the human beings, especially in today’s humdrum of life.


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