Importance of Honesty

Honesty is one of the main virtues in the lives of the human beings, which is being taught right from the childhood itself. The parents try to instill the essence of honesty in their children so that they gradually get to apply the same in the long run. Honesty is such a characteristic trait that leaves its imprints in both the personal and professional lives in the long run. Apart from that, honesty helps in shaping an individual’s life to the maximum possible extent and at the same time, an honest person also motivates and influences the people around as well. Therefore, it can be said that honesty plays a vital role in giving a significant meaning to life.

importance of honesty

Various shades of honesty that come into picture in the human lives:

Even though honesty is a general term and used to identify a truthful and trusted person as a whole, yet, honesty can be gauged in several shades. In other words, the reflection of honesty in a particular individual will be different in different scenarios. This is because the application of honesty will be varying based on the type of circumstances but the ultimate goal will be the same and that is to ensure optimum integrity and transparency in life.

For instance, the nature of honesty at the workplace is a completely different concept altogether. Although in the modern perspective, the actual significance of honesty at the workplace is almost wanting out gradually, yet, the real leaders and pioneers in businesses have always manifested honesty in their actions irrespective of the sector and gender as well. As is believed by the stalwarts today, morals and ethics can never be compromised at the cost in the workplace in order to achieve quick success. This can give temporary gains but can be extremely detrimental to the mental peace as well as for one’s own personality also in the long run.

They have always strived to maintain the honesty in the work that they perform right from the beginning and also in the policies that they formulate while in the management. It goes without saying that honest path is not quite a bed of roses and involves lots of hurdles. It can also lead to numerous roadblocks, depression, failure, humiliation, and other negativities but the final fruit that honesty bears are too good to be true. The monetary benefits may find time to come by but will definitely turn up with patience and perseverance and the success that is achieved with honesty is the best that can be gained in the whole world. In fact, both the personal and social relationships are also nurtured to the fullest with honesty as the touch of the same enhances the healthy nature of relationships.

Honesty in today’s world:

Whenever a person chooses a path devoid of honesty, then this can result in lots of undesirable incidences such as distrust, financial losses of the masses at large, personal demoralization, wars, conflicts, corruption and anxiety and depression in the end. All these can never be favorable for a proper society and an individual ought to take personal responsibility in mending the nature of actions. The proverb, ‘Honesty is the best policy’, is something that should not and must never be confined within the books and formal teachings only but must be applied in everyday lives of the human beings. Some course of actions based on honesty include protesting against any injustice or anything unfair happening in and around the society that can wreak havoc on the moral values and the very establishment of the society also, telling the truth no matter how cruel that is, standing by the personal principles come what may and trying to pass on the same to the others around, Each of the honest actions is very important especially in today’s world where honesty can hardly be found anywhere and whoever tries o be honest, is simply put to tests of life. In fact, nowadays, it is seen that honest people are the ones suffering the most whereas dishonesty is ruling the world.

This is not quite a rosy picture given the fact that global corruption index is on the rise along with wars, terrorism and other anti-social activities. Without honesty, it is just not possible to survive in life. The world is still a better place to live in because some honest individuals are still around to stand strong backed by their honesty that is spreading to the subsequent generations as well. The world peace that is at stake at present can definitely find a way to get restored if honesty comes into the picture.



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