How Influencer marketing helps to get Lead in Contest?

Recently on social media, lot of big brands revealed the secret about their success formula for winning contests. Many marketers got surprise. Yes! The big brands said that, we have won 8 out of 10 contests using influencer marketing tactics. So let’s look all the proven ways to apply for our contests to win prizes regularly.

influencer marketing

Influencers: Definition

At first, we need to know “influencers”. Who are they? A popular person with thousands of followers on a particular niche market is called an influencer. It can match to a popular athletic and TV stars too. Using these influencers, big brands advertise their new contest link to gather more votes.

For example, using influencer’s popular instagram page, big brands advertise their contest using sponsor posts. So they receive lot of views for their entry and it helps them to gather quick votes.

Also from a recent study, we found that 72% of entrepreneurs are searching for relevant influencers for creating brand awareness for their businesses.

You can see lots of advertisements on TV with your favorite celebrity. Means, the brand in the advertisement use the celebrity as influencer here. You can check social media and google trends after few days of the new advertisement. They will show you the new increase in search for the particular brand.

If you have big budget, you can hire popular TV celebrity. When you have low budget, you can hire a social media influencer to market your brand.

Top Digital marketing strategies in 2019

There are many strategies out online to promote brands. From our research, we can say that, the top digital marketing strategies in 2019 should be influencer marketing. All you need to do is analyzing fully A to Z about the top popular influencer in your market.

  • Check their social media profile to find the followers strength. You can check and track the number of likes he has on the profile page. Wait for few months and check again the followers and likes count to find the trust score of the influencer.
  • If your influencer has steady increase in likes from 5% to 12%, we can say as he is our right choice.
  • When your influencer’s likes and followers count decreased in this time frame, you need to do more tests to find their quality. Sometimes, influencers may buy likes and followers for their social media pages. In this case, these fake followers and likes can’t stay longer period. So do proper research when you want to choose influencer for your business promotion.
  • Also check the influencer’s content posting frequency on their social media page. A trusted influencer should post quality content often to their fans.
  • Find how many likes and shares your influencer get after posting the content. When your influencer receives fast engagements from their fans, you can mark this influencer as top person for your business promotion.

Trust to the audience

As we told earlier, entrepreneurs give high value to influencer marketing. Influencer’s audience has trust on the shares and posts of the influencer. So they want to try the same product he used, and they even share the posts with their friends circle. Why because, consumers believe the words of their favored heroes and companies.

Influence marketing is very powerful tool when you know how to use it. It makes the audience to interact much than ancient digital advertisements. You need to find the right platform to target your audience through influence marketing.

Find answer to this question: Where your audience spends their time online? If your audience spends their most of the time on social media, then you can start to search for social media influencer. At first, you can select a micro – influencers to test your niche performance.

If it gives positive results, you can scale the process as you want. You can also search for a guest blog writer on your niche topic. Hire him to test your niche market. These two ways help you to find the right path to go.

Let’s look How to get lead in contest using influencer marketing:

When you join any contest, you should need plenty of votes to get lead from other contestants to win contest. There are many strategies available to gather votes for contest. One of the finest ways is influence marketing. We can achieve lead in contest also can win numerous prices using the strategies mentioned below.

  • Firstly, choose the contest you want to join. To choose the right contest, you need to check the contest winner’s history. Check how many votes they gathered to won the contest.
  • Do you have enough traffic to get that votes organically using your current followers? If your answer is YES, you can join for the contest right away. Because, winning chance is high when you have more traffic than you need.
  • When your contest needs more votes to win, you need to hire influencers to boost your votes count.
  • Find and hire niche relative micro influencers and post your contest entry link on their social media page.
  • Tell your influencer to invite their fans/followers to vote for your entry.
  • You can offer discounts for your product to the consumers who vote for your contest.
  • If you get positive results from micro influencers, you can scale the process by hiring big influencers.
  • When you contact the influencers, write impressive letter to them to know their pricing to advertise your contest link.
  • Always choose high prize having contest. Because, you need to pay some percent of money to influencers. So it is necessary to join for a worthy prize having contest.
  • Choose very active influencer who response you timely to get more votes for your contest in the contest end time.
  • Gradually increase votes from the beginning of the contest and increase speed near to the end time using influencers. So there is no clue for your competitors to catch you.
  • Few marketers smartly increase votes using voting agency to win contests. From our point of view, if they provide real human votes, we can hire them. 3 out of 10 agencies not provide real votes for sure.

Apply all these strategies and get lead in your contest to win more prizes. Kindly share the strategies you follow to gather more votes for your contest in the comment area.

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