Importance of robots in human life

Robots; a lot of thing flashes in your mind as you see or listen this word. Let it be the Skynet from the film Terminator , Transformers, that little girl from Small Wonder, the animated Doraemon, the web series Mr.Robo and a lot of other Hollywood movies. As depicted in every TV show or any movie, robots are meant to assist humans. They were discovered with the idea to do what humans cannot do. Automation is what makes them interesting. Robot is nothing but a machine with a brain.  Robots can reach where humans cannot. To understand its importance, below we list things Robots do better than humans and their importance in our life.

importance of robots

Space exploration

Robotics miracles have been shown in this area. You must be aware of the news about Juno probe . Even Google featured it in its search engine. NASA’s project of surveillance of Jupiter will be carried out by Juno and it has entered Jupiter’s atmosphere. These state-of-the-art machines give astronauts the chance to explore space in the most mind-boggling ways. Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and the Remote Manipulator System (RMS) are the two major types of Robotics used by space explorers. Both ROVs and RMSs are used in a variety of space missions. ROVs can be unmanned spacecraft that orbit freely or land when it makes contact with an outer space surface and explore the terrain. Both capture remarkable data and visual footage that would never be humanly possible without the assistance of robots. RMS mechanical arms also help astronauts perform very important and difficult tasks during space missions.

Underwater Exploration

Don’t you love to dive deep in ocean to have a look at the beautiful fishes and other weird and uniquely beautiful aquatic flora and fauna? Scientist need to know and observe a lot of happenings under water. This job cannot be accomplished if we ain’t blessed by some Robots. Here too ROVs get the job done. Underwater robots can dive longer and deeper than any human, and they provide an up-close look at marine life. These amazing machines are equipped with sensors, high-definition cameras, wheels and other technology to assist scientists when they explore docks, ocean floors, dams, ship bellies and other surfaces.

Car production

We all have watched a car production documentary on either discovery channel or Nat Geo. Automobile industry is one of the very few industries to make efficient use of Robotic technology. These companies use humongous robots with arms which can lift tons of weight with ease. There are sensors and cameras fitted in them to do the job easily. Robots, here can do difficult jobs and time taking tasks at an altogether enhanced pace and quality. Also, it can perform dangerous tasks involved in automobile industry thereby saving worker&s life.

Other than these , there are lot of other things in which humans need assistance of Robots , but we have already started use them for entertainment purposes, the one from japan (which can talk and listen to master) was in news a few days back. Yes, it is true that we have now become dependents on machines and technology but it has shown us a new world. As the saying goes , every head has its tails; it may be harmful for us to be so, or we may be completely useless to do anything as shown in any robo-thriller movie like The Terminator series.


importance of robots in human life, importance of robotics in our life

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