Importance of ISO certification

ISO certification primarily stands for the international organization for standardization; the organization currently publishes over 21000 standards which can range on anything from the environment to safety, ethical standards, and safety protocols, to quality and risk management. These standards are widely used by companies all over the world to conform to international standards, streamline their business operations and to compete more effectively with others. Here are a few reasons as to why you may want to make your company ISO compliant.

importance of ISO

  • Save money and time: Companies that are ISO compliant often have to analyze their business processes to identify bottlenecks, and this enables them to resolve the same and speed up their various processes so that they are able to meet the desired target on schedule. This is invaluable especially when it comes to large-scale companies but all companies that are ISO compliant generally are able to streamline their functioning and in the process, are able to deliver ahead of schedule.
  • Improving customer satisfaction: With the relevant ISO certification, companies are able to provide their customers with better satisfaction. They are generally quick to get back to their customers on all their queries and all issues are handled by the company at the highest level and resolved in the shortest time possible. By doing so, the company manages to build up a reputation of providing customers with enhanced service and these results in better publicity and more visibility. It even enables them to retain their clients and attract new ones with ease.
  • Resource utilization: It is a fact that most companies often waste valuable resources without ever utilizing the same. With the right ISO certification, companies can evaluate their various business processes, limit any such wastage and even eliminate the same altogether. The perfect example would be the use of carbon paper and since we are in a digital age, there was no need for companies to use carbon paper anymore to make manual companies. However, a recent study highlighted that some companies still stock up on the same irrespective of the fact that they no longer serve any functional use in the day to day operations of a company. Identifying such waste, can enable a company to function seamlessly and in the process, become more competitive, utilize the money for marketing and be able to function better. It is always a good idea to run manual checks to see if there is any wastage of resources and seek to eliminate the same.
  • Risk management: With ISO certification, companies would have to assess all internal and external threats, take measures to mitigate the same and set in place certain protocols which can help to better protect the organization and all its key assets. More often than not, most companies do take some measures when it comes to protecting proprietary information but often such measures do not extend to client data and information. However, with the requisite ISO certification, companies are able to enforce a strict protocol, regulate access to valuable information and key data, ensure that random checks are carried out and ensure that various protocols are in place to protect their data. A risk threat assessment is carried out by the company periodically to ensure that its risk management policies are up to date. By ensuring better protection, companies are able to gain better in terms of credibility and as a result, are able to attract new customers with ease.
  • Safety: Companies that are ISO compliant are able to provide their employees with better working conditions and would have various measures in place to guarantee their safety. Recently, a check revealed that most companies often do not allocate enough resources to train their employees in safety nor do they have adequate evacuation protocols in place. However, with ISO certification, companies would be required to have fire escape plans in place, ensure that their employees are better protected and have random safety checks done periodically as well.
  • Environment: With relevant ISO certification, companies would be required to reduce their carbon footprint. This can include various activities from recycling to migrating from paper to digital mode. All of these can enable a company to reduce its carbon footprint, use more plants in the office, go green and essentially promote the idea of doing something for the environment.

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These are some of the key reasons as to why you may want to apply for the requisite ISO certifications at the earliest. With the requisite ISO certifications, your company should be able to function better, and even gain an edge over your competition in the process.

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