Importance of Patriotism

Do you love your country? If you ever ask this question to a citizen of any country, the possibility of getting a negative answer is almost zero. We all love the country we’ve born in. Why do you love your country? It is difficult to answer this question. Just like we love our home, we also love our country. You may not be able to give an explanation for patriotism.

Do you think it is good to be a patriot? Do you get any benefit for being a patriot? The answer is yes. Even if we don’t realize it, we get a lot of benefits from being a patriot. It is hence, considered important to be a patriot. To help you understand better, below mentioned are some of the key points about the advantages of being a patriot.

importance of patriotism

Benefits of Being a Patriot

  • Empowers a nation – When a person loves his country, he will be ready to work hard for his nation. A true patriot understands the role of a citizen in the development of a nation. Hence, a nation occupied by patriots will always be in the path to success.
  • Promotes Peace and Harmony – The nation in which the citizens believe in patriotism will always be peaceful. Rather than wasting their time on unwanted rivalry and jealousy, they will concentrate more on hard work and harmony. This will also lead to the development of a nation.
  • Helps to Eliminate the Social Evils – Countries across the globe suffer from many social evils like corruption. This can be reduced to a certain extent with the help of patriotism. True patriots will definitely realize the harm these social evils are causing to the development and productivity of their nation. thus, they will try all the methods to eliminate these evils completely from society.
  • Helps to Motivate People – Motivation plays a very important role in the life of a person. No matter whether it is professional or personal, you need to feel motivated to move ahead. A patriot doesn’t need this motivation from other. The love for his country will make him self-motivated due to which he will be ready to work hard for his country.
  • Promotes Equality – Even though people speak a lot about gender equality and equality of the basic rights, not all the people are provided with these rights. The practice of equality will get properly established only in those countries where the majority of the citizens are patriots. The citizens in such countries believe in only one religion and that is patriotism.
  • Reduces the Rate of Emigration – A lot of people emigrate from their countries every year in search of good jobs, salaries, a better standard of living, and so on. This will not happen in the case of patriotism. Spreading the essence of patriotism in people will urge them to strive harder for their nation without leaving their country.
  • Selfless Dedication – One of the major reasons which pull a nation backward is the act of selfishness in people. Patriotism evokes selfless dedication in a citizen. Such a person will also be ready to help others without any expectations. Instead of working for money and position, patriots spend their time and effort for the betterment of their nation.

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In short, patriotism plays a very important role in the development of a nation. True patriots will help others understand the benefits of living in tranquillity. However, there are also cases where the excessive love for one’s own country resulted in wars and downfall of the entire nation. Thus, it is clear that patriotism to a certain extent can be considered healthy for both the citizens and their country.


short note on patriotism

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