Importance of plastic in daily life

Plastic belongs to the category of polymers that consist of large number of molecules joined together. It can be imparted different shapes and sizes according to the requirements and specifications. Material is used in many applications to design products of daily usage. Right from electrical appliances to kid’s toys; plastic has percolated to every nook and corner of the globe. In fact, it is important to the life of people in many ways. Some of them are as follows:

importance of plastic in life

Enhancement of the quality of life:

Internet, electronic devices and even surgical instruments play a very important role in making life easier for the people. They use plastic as the medium to make the product durable and light weight. Continuous innovation has led to the refinement of products made from plastic to ensure sustainable development.

Preservation of precious resources:

Pipelines are being constructed with the help of the plastic material to ensure that flow of water to different parts of the world. Moreover, they are also used in the construction of houses for plumbing. Unlike iron, plastic pipes don’t rust when coming in contact with water; therefore they are used in multiple application right from residences to industries. Usage of plastic is instrumental in reducing the problem of deforestation because in past woods were cut for usage in daily life however their usage has become limited over a period of time.

Efficient use of resources:

According to experts, Plastic usage has gone on a long way in reduce the dependence on oil. Plastic recycling has become a thriving industry in modern times with the waste being directed to the landfill. Plastic is also used to capture the solar energy in order to generate electricity and save on the energy bills. Majority of people are suffering from the rise in the price of fossil fuels, hence optimizing their usage will help to reduce the manufacturing cost and inflation.

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Creation of cutting edge technology:

Plastic is used to make optic fibers that are laid under the sea to provide high speed internet connection to the users. Without the material, innovation is not possible in the field of technology. Modern air conditioners are molded in plastic to ensure light weight appliances that can be installed in commercial and residential premises. It also used in making snow, skate boards and modern aviation equipments.

Vehicles use plastic material because it optimizes the usage of power and make them more efficient. Plastics can be found everywhere including seats, interior panel and polycarbonate windows.

A lot has been written about the material by environmentalists however majority of them is negative content highlighting the issues. Scientists opine that plastic is non biodegradable however it can be recycled to save the environment. Technological changes are taking place to reduce the harmful effect caused by its waste on the planet. People need to view the usage of plastic in an objective manner rather than drawing conclusion by analyzing only one side of the story. At present they have not found any replacement of the material, therefore it is important to monitor the usage.

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10 thoughts on “Importance of plastic in daily life

  1. Sandy

    Well, we all know plastic is causing a lot of problems for our society, but the problem is there is no good alternative for plastic. It’s cheap, durable and can be used to make almost anything. That’s the reason it is being used so much. While typing this, I looked around in my room and found at least 10 plastic objects in few seconds and I’m sure there are more than that. Plastic is everywhere, just look around you. It’s easy to say that governments should ban the usage of plastic, but in reality, it’s not at all possible. We are relying too much on plastic these days. If each and everything made of plastic vanishes immediately, our whole system will come to halt. Everything will stop working. There will be chaos all over the world. So, plastic is really important for us. What we can do is find good alternatives for plastic, reduce usage of plastic slowly so we don’t hurt the environment. What do you guys think?

  2. Rana

    Yeah, I agree with Sandy. Unless we find a better alternative, the only choice we have is to recycle as much as possible, try to reduce usage of plastic to some extent and aware others about it.

  3. Deiji

    Yup I also agree with Sandy. And we can only reduce the use of plastics little but can’t stop using it completely as it will be loss to ourself only, but we have to must use plastics in very limited way..

  4. Francina

    We can minimise the use of plastic but can’t avoid it completely. To some extent one can use aluminium foil . Science is growing day by day beyond ones imagination. So let r great scientists find a better way .πŸ˜€

  5. Tanya

    I think we can’t imagine our lives without plastic today. It’s everywhere and there is no better alternative of it. Sure it hurts the environment but humans don’t care about the environment as long as they are making money. So the only way plastic can be vanished from our life is if we find some alternate product which is as good and cheap as plastic and does not hurt environment.

  6. Chandan kanungo

    It’s easy to say to find alternative of plastic is it really possible? The alternative is still exist? What can be the alternative.
    The solution in my opinion is to decompose the plastic following the indication already working.


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