Importance of police

The system of democracy stands on three pillars: the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary. All there contribute to maintaining the democratic structure, but the one that has the maximum, and most direct, impact on human life is that of the judiciary. And one of the most important rungs in the judicial ladder is made up of policemen. Imagine living in a world where there is no one to turn to when you face danger, and no one to keep things running smoothly on the roads. Life would be impossible, and civilization would be reduced to blatant anarchy.

importance of police

6 reasons why the police is important in our lives

In this article, let us see how important a role the police force plays in our lives.

Criminal investigation

If there has been a burglary in the house, where do you go? To the police. If you have been molested in the public bus, you call the police. Whenever we are faced with injustice and crimes, the police is our only hope. The police are entrusted with the responsibility of rounding up suspects and routinely interrogate them, and different branches of the police department take care of investigating the crime and capturing the criminal.

Maintain order

The police force of a nation is divided into many different departments, with each being responsible for a different civic duty. For instance, the traffic police are responsible for maintaining order in the traffic, ensuring there are no traffic rule violations and minimizing the chance of accidents. The same goes for any other department. In case of any riots or attacks, the police are the first to arrive to restore and maintain order.

Crisis support

The police are not just called in to maintain order and round up criminals. In case of emergencies like major accidents and disasters, the police are called in for help. The police receive training that comes in handy during emergencies, and they are entrusted with protecting the citizens and doling out emergency medical supplies and treatment. They also provide moral support to the people, providing the assurance to people that they are being protected and that the situation is under control.

Emergency duty

The police department is on duty in different areas of the city, ready to respond to emergency calls. These emergencies can range between anything from minor and major crimes to accidents and disasters. The police fall under the emergency services category, and without their help, it would be impossible to get immediate help in most crisis situations.

Lost and found

Even the most minor of objects, when lost, are reported to the police station, and an active search for the goods is launched by the concerned police department. While in most cases the object is found to have simply been misplaced or stolen by a petty criminal, cases where such small incidents have led to the netting of major criminals are not unheard of. Most importantly, the police are our only aid when someone close to us goes missing- be it a family member or a pet. The police are responsible for launching active search campaigns for missing persons, animals, and goods; besides, they are also our most competent help when we find ourselves lost and in search for directions in a strange place.

Protection and aid

The police are not to be summoned only after a crime has been committed. Their help is also sought in order to prevent a crime, or in anticipation of a crime being committed. For instance, if you feel that you are being threatened by something or someone, your first course of action is to register your case with the police and seek official protection. Good chances are that you will be granted personal protection, and the one threatening you will be under close watch. And the police department does not make any discrimination between citizens in this regard; be it a civilian or a member of the Parliament, everyone is eligible to receive the same treatment and level of protection from the police.

It is because of the police departments that we are able to sleep soundly at night, secure in the understanding that our safety is being taken care of by capable people. True, acts of atrocities and corruption by the police department can be seen and heard, but that does not undermine the fact that the police are, in fact, responsible for making the word a far better place. The police are an extremely important part of the community, and deserve respect as much as they need to respect the very noble purpose that they serve in the community.


What is the importance of police?

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  1. Harjeet

    While police force is really important for any society, it is also true that police forces are also corrupted and use power to oppress people all over the world. They are killing black people in USA, police people register fake FIRs to take personal revenge. There should be some authority to stop police force to take things in hands.


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