Importance of political science

The government of a country is one of the most powerful forces that operate on people, corporations, institutions, and communities. And the study of the different types of governments and their policies constitute the discipline of political science. One might question why it is important to learn about governments, that is, the validity of keeping political science as a discipline taught in universities around the world, but the question answers itself. It is important to lean about the different governments and their scope in order to become better citizens who are aware of the strengths and flaws of their form of government, and in turn be able to contribute positively to the betterment of their political structure. In this article, we will look at this debate more closely and determine why it is necessary to keep political science as an important subject in school levels and beyond.

importance of political science

Creates responsible citizens

Political science is the study of governments and the way they work. It is also the study of understanding responsibilities and rights of the citizens of a country. By reading political science, a person becomes more aware of the rights and responsibilities he or she has as a citizen of a nation. He or she is also aware of how a government works, and how they would be able to help in the making of a better government. Hence, the study of political science increases political and social awareness and helps in creating better and more responsible citizens.

Strengthens democracy

In modern times, the study of political science has become all the more important, especially in democratic countries. This is especially because people play a very important role in democracy; in fact, they are the be all and end all of this particular kind of political system. It is therefore important for a people of a democracy to be politically conscious. As mentioned before, the study of political science helps in creating better and more aware citizens, and that is the backbone of a democratic system that relies solely on the political understanding of its people.

Helps in better administration

The study of political science also helps in imparting knowledge about the state, the administration, and the people. Thus, it is not just something that needs to be studied by the civil citizens of a country, but also by the administrators and those responsible for making a sound government that successfully runs a country. In order to ensure that all their functions are carried out to the T, it is important for the members of the administration to have sound knowledge of how the country works and what is good for the country. The study of political science lays down certain rules and guidelines that are of immense utilitarian value to the government, and therefore helps them to avoid failure if followed meticulously.

Imparts world knowledge

All said and done, political science is not just about how useful it is in the practical sense of the word, although it is a very practical science in itself. On the other end of the spectrum, political science also helps in imparting knowledge about the world in general. When you study what is happening in the countries around the world, what issues the people are facing and which new laws are being implemented, you are basically reading practical implementation of the guidelines laid down in your political science course books. In order to truly understand and appreciate the news that you are getting, it is necessary that you have at least some understanding of political science. And the process goes the other way around too; while studying political science, you are also required to study international affairs as everything affects everything else in some way or the other.

More awareness

The study of political science enables the people not just to understand the structure of the government, but also the workings of the state, the separation of power, the judicial and legal system, and the entitlement of the citizens, the schemes of welfare and social services, and human and animal rights.

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Studying political science opens up to the individual the entire world. It is like looking into the administrative machine and learning how each cog is placed, and its function. As part of a country, each citizen is an important part of the machinery, and learning political science is akin to piling each nut and each bolt in the machine. By studying political science from a very rudimentary level, we can ensure that we will all become responsible and are citizens who can benefit from and contribute to the successful running of a nation.


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