Importance of religion

Although the number of atheists is increasing at a ferocious pace, religion continues to hold sway among a large section of population. Modern rationalistic people might scoff at the idea of being too religious as it is often equated with narrow mindedness. Presumption has given it a bad name what with the talks of war on religion raging in literary circles around the world. One should realize that religion is never good or bad, but the people following it set an example.

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In the era of extreme materialism, religion has shot back into importance. Therefore, let’s find out why it is essential in our daily lives:

importance of religion

Internal Peace:

Man in pursuit of material happiness has lost peace of mind. In addition, life is like a bubble that can burst any time. People need connection to god so that they feel secured amidst all the insecurities existing in the world. During the time of crisis, religion comforts the person and prepares him or her to face the challenges ahead with renewed vigor.

Imbibing virtues:      

Believing in religion can foster social virtues right from honesty to hard work. A religious person never panics and takes decision according to the situation. He or she is not afraid of worldly problems but resolves them with discipline.

Social interaction:

If you are believer in religion, the chances of mingling with like minded people are very high. It is an important facet of life as individuals consider their fellow men as brothers and sisters. Religion can become a unifying force for the population divided by caste, creed and races. Common belief, though and similar places of worship can foster friendship and love among people.

Transformation from beast to human beings:

Religious people are filled with compassion and self service that are qualities separating them from animals. It helps in organizing the social structure of the society. Human being is a social animal and religion helps to achieve the objective by making them more interactive to the outside world.

Religious groups and communities around the world run campaigns aiming to eliminate social malpractices that are detrimental to the development of society. Churches, mosques and temples also govern the behavior of the people in an implicit manner.

Working for the poor people:

In modern world, the bitter reality of poverty is visible everywhere in big cities and towns. Religion is crucial in bridging the gap between have and have nots by running numerous welfare programs. Free food and clothing are provided by the communities to the marginalized section of the society. Rich individuals donate for the social causes to help individuals fight the demon of poverty. Religious people with loads of money become philanthropist and help the needy around the world to realize their dreams.

Participating in religious events:

There are numerous religious festivals celebrated every year with people offering prayers and treating the event as a means of recreation. It is a wonderful time to socialize with others by meeting the friends and colleagues. In addition, the festival provides welcome relaxation from the mundane routine as well as work pressure.


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