Importance of research

Most of the people have an image in their minds that research is a tiresome, tedious and tortuous work meant only for people with scientific background, but it’s not. Students, businessman, historians, writers and even the government engages in research activities in order to start a new assignment or improve the one that they have already started. Right from academics to the commerce, we need quality research to ensure the felicitous working of our project.
 Here we are going to discuss the importance of research in miscellaneous fields and in doing so, we’ll reflect the light on “Why and how to conduct a research?”

importance of research


Need to write an article? Preparing to start a new business? Or planning to expand the horizons of your work area? You’ll need to do some preparation before embarking it but what is this preparation exactly. It’s called research.

It can be stated as

Research is the erudite inquiry of new insight, or innovative liveliness in an area with the ambition of advancing that area’s confines

Research is all about assimilating your facts right, collecting new data to modify the project and meliorate the quality as per need. It can be conducted in several forms. One form of research implicates cultivating cutting-edge comprehension through field work, experiments and direct/indirect observations. This is called Original Research. While another form is gathering, analyzing, and summarizing the existing data in such a way that the final report aid to fulfill the needs of the researcher.


Prior to commence something new, it is better to stock and get acquainted with all the necessary resources involved in the upcoming processes. Since research is a broad term, we’re presenting some reasons to ‘Why research?’ for individuals of different professions

STUDENTS – In the real world, textbook’s theorem and knowledge are of no use, if not applied. Research provides a wider approach to understand a subject. Novel ideas are born and the essentials to foundation of a subject are acquired. One may assume that research is optional, but it actually is a need. The sluggish ones opt it out and suffer the consequences in future.

JOURNALIST/WRITERS – Do you read newspaper or watch news? If yes, then you must’ve read/watched a detailed report of an issue/achievement/crime. Precedent to writing an article, it is a must to stash the facts in mind, read some reference articles and to get opinions from people relevant to the article. Every single thing sums up to deliver a quality text.

BUSINESSMEN – It is always beneficial to invest time and money in researching about every single aspect of the business plan before diving into to the ocean of business. Exploring out how to make things happen and what could signify them from others that propose similar merchandise and services can raise the company’s market repute. Certainly, having accordant intelligence in attaining a sound commercial respect through vibrant business policies like investing in Research & Development can hike its profitability.

The list goes on and on but we are halting here and proceeding towards the other factors regarding ‘Research’.


Research begins with an issue that comes from an observation. Observations raises questions, and answers to these questions are hunted by researchers which end up with an established fact or hypothesis followed by an experiment. The results of the experiment ultimately allow to take better decisions and gain more knowledge about the research stream. Proper results can only be achieved if the research is conducted in a mannerly format. 
A standard procedure to proceed with researching is as follows

• Observe and identify your problem. Determine the topic, estimate the depth of it and formulate questions

• Prepare a research plan. List out all the actions that you’ll be taking for the smooth execution of your actions.

• Consider your resources and tools that you can utilize in the process

•Collect the relevant data and information through surveys, interviewing the experienced and concerning persons.

• Analyze the data, organize it and report the discoveries.

• Take action. Now that you’ve completed your research its time to take some rigid and firm steps.

Now you have the data and all the pieces to solve the puzzle of research.


Research is associated with minute activities of our routine life on a large scale. Most of the people aren’t aware of it. Let’s see what are the benefits of research:

• Leads to great observation – Conclusion can only be achieved if you’ve observed the facts and the numbers in depth.

• Brings consistency in work – The flaws and mistakes are lessened in the process of the final outcome. The work tends to be right and accurate due to the significant analysis of the acquired data.

• Reveals secrets – Clouds of myths and lie clear out once the shine of research report fall on it. One gets to know the hidden truths about the subjects and it eases the way ahead.

• Updates about the present scenario – Researches aware us about the latest information in the market. It also helps in predicting about what new is going to come in the market.

• Helps in decision making – A point comes into everyone’s life when one has to choose between two paths, when one has to take decision. Research helps in this decision making.

So this was all about research and its importance. Thanks for reading. We hope you liked the article. 
Happy researching!


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