Importance of Soil

Who doesn’t know about the different types of soil on this planet? However, is anyone aware of the importance of soil? It is, in fact, true that more than half of the world population is not aware of the importance of soil. Some are not even interested to know anything regarding soil. They consider soil as a trivial matter? Do you belong to the same category?

The soil is indeed very important for the existence of life on earth. Time has come to make people realize the benefits of maintaining the quality of the soil. If you have ever done gardening, you might have observed the change in productivity with the change in the quality of the soil.

importance of soil

If you are looking for information regarding the importance of soil, you have come to the right place. Through this article, we will help you understand the role of soil in our lives.

Benefits of Soil

  • Helps to grow food – Have you ever thought about how we would have got our food if there was no soil? Without soil, we will not be able to cultivate crops. This will eventually result in famine or the scarcity of food. A good quality soil is very essential for agriculture. We all are equally responsible for this polluted environment. This pollution will also affect the quality of the soil. In short, by destroying the soil, we are destroying ourselves.
  • Provides habitat for all the living organisms – Where do we live? The foundations of all our dream houses are based on the soil. Many living organisms such as worms, rodents, termites, etc., use soil to build their habitats. The lack of soil will affect all their habitats and it will become difficult for them to survive.
  • Helps in the sustenance of both plant and animal lives – Plants cannot live with soil. Many herbivores depend on these plants for food. The lack of good soil will eventually affect the whole food chain.
  • Contain different type of minerals – A good quality soil contains all the minerals which are essential for the growth of plants. The minerals such as phosphates are retrieved from soil to make fertilizers.
  • Can be used to make crockeries – Nowadays, everyone supports the use of natural and eco-friendly utensils as an initiative to reduce the amount of pollution. The soil is one of the best ingredients which is used to make such utensils.
  • Acts as a filter – The rainwater and water from the various other sources gets purified when passed through the soil. This purified water will also help the plants to grow properly. Soil, in fact, acts as a filter for us. If the soil gets depleted, the entire water cycle will also get affected.
  • Helps in balancing the environment – We all know that the various micro-organisms such as fungi, algae, bacteria, etc., help in decaying the dead plant and animal life as well as retaining the moisture in the atmosphere. These organisms are found only in soil. They cannot survive without the presence of soil.
  • Used for construction – Soil plays an important role in the field of construction. No matter what technology you use, you need to add soil as the ingredient to construct a strong building.
  • Helps to maintain the temperature of the atmosphere – It is true that soil has a very important role to play in maintaining the temperature of the atmosphere. Soil absorbs the rainwater during the rainy season. During the summer season, this water gets evaporated and cools the atmosphere.
  • Used in cosmetics – Soil is also used in the manufacture of various beauty products such as facial masks, foundation, blush, and so on. It is also used to make toothpaste.
  • Used to prepare medicines – Did you know that the microbes in the soil are used to make a lot of medicines? Yes, it is absolutely true. Medicines for tuberculosis, anti-tumor drugs, and many skin ointments are prepared with the help of soil.

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In short, the soil is very important for the existence of all the living organisms. Hence, it is our responsibility to protect the soil from getting destroyed. We should take all the necessary measures to prevent soil erosion as well as soil pollution. It is also necessary to maintain the quality of the soil. Only a good quality soil can provide us with all the aforementioned benefits.

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