Importance of spirituality

As we delve further and further into the annals of modern science and try to unearth the mysteries of the very universe, we feel a growing need to depend on something greater than ourselves. In today’s troubled times, when the world is fraught with racism, poverty, and international mistrust, the search for sacredness is all the more relevant. Mankind is increasingly feeling the need to turn within oneself and invoke their spiritual selves, because that is where peace is. In this article, we will discuss why spirituality is important in every aspect of one’s life, and in the greater picture as well.

importance of spirituality

It teaches compassion

One of the core tenets of spirituality is compassion for one’s fellow beings. As a result, a truly spiritual person will be compassionate toward one and all. They will not judge anyone on the basis of the person’s color, creed, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or abilities. They will also not make anyone feel humiliated, nor will they be cruel to anyone. A spiritual person will certainly make sure that everyone around them is happy and content. You will never come across a spiritual person engaging in animal cruelty, because in their eyes, all beings are equal.

It teaches forgiveness

Spirituality is based on compassion, which automatically means that a spiritual person learns a lot about forgiveness. This of course brings a lot of peace of mind, because the more we hold on to our grievances, the worse we feel. Remembering the wrongs done unto us definitely does act as fuel for revenge, but the feeling of vengefulness itself is not at all a pleasant one. The more we worry about all the people we need to exact revenge on, the less at peace we feel with ourselves. That is not to say that the spiritual man forgets everyone and everything that did him wrong, but he simply learns to forgive them and move on with his life at peace.

It brings peace

Speaking of which, peace is the biggest boon of spirituality. The basic purpose of a spiritual life is to attain peace of mind. This may be attained in many ways. A person might feel through his meditation that he is becoming one with the Supreme Entity. A person might do little acts of goodness every day and feel at peace with himself. A person might pour his heart and soul into his work and feel peace every time a milestone is reached. It does not matter how you do it as long as you can go home and to bed at peace with the world, and when the time comes to bid goodbye to the world, you can do so without the slightest regret or hard feeling anywhere.

It makes you a good person

Spiritual people are very calm. They are characterized with a belief- be it in themselves, a Supreme Being, in other people, or just the goodness of nature- that everything will turn out fine, and even if it doesn’t, there is a greater purpose than small failures. Such people have a composed disposition, which makes them very efficient handlers of stressful situations. Spiritual people are confident and have high self esteem without being egoistic, and they have the ability to make others around them feel the same way. As a result, they are generally good human beings.

It brings prosperity

Naturally, because of all the good qualities that spiritual people possess, they flourish in every aspect of their lives. They are great partners and parents, because they do not pick fights, get jealous, or pose unnecessarily strict rules on people. They are also highly desirable employees because they are calm and can remain calm under pressure. They also gain the reputation of being problem solvers and good listeners, and like to live in harmony without compromising on their beliefs, which makes them great leaders, earning them meteoric rise in an organization. They are also very well organized, which makes them invaluable in the home, in the workplace, and at a party.

Spirituality, like religion and faith, is a very personal matter. The underlying theme of spirituality is to look for peace, and try and make sense of the world around us, our purpose, and the lives that we lead during our brief existence. Some people approach spirituality through their religion. Some people simply believe in an omniscient God without subscribing to any religion. For some, spirituality is all about doing some good in the world; while for others, it is about staying fit and developing the mind and the soul. It does not matter what your approach is; if you find peace and meaning through it without ever harming anyone, that is spirituality for you.

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