What is the importance of the sun?

Nothing is very essential on the planet than the Sun. In absence of heat and light of Sun, our planet Earth would be an ice-coated lifeless rock. The Sun stirs our atmosphere, warms our seas, produces different weather patterns, and provides energy to the growing plants that in turn provide the oxygen and food for survival on the planet. Sun benefits all the living creatures on Earth in numerous ways.

importance of sun

How does Sun impact our daily life?

Photosynthesis: When the rays of the sun pass through the atmosphere of Earth, its energy is received by plants as infrared light radiation and visible light. They convert this energy into the form of chemical energy (starches and sugars) via the method called photosynthesis. To perform this process, they also use carbon dioxide gas, photons, and water. The green pigment present in the leaves is known as chlorophyll that traps the energy of the Sun.

Solar Energy: It is the process of transformation of the Sun’s energy into electricity. Solar energy is used in rural areas, remote regions, and space where power supplies are not present. Due to the affordability of renewable solar energy, it has now been seen as a competitive source of energy in comparison to other energy sources such as oil or coal.

Several technologies help in accomplishing this task. Solar power plants are used for the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic cells use concentrated solar power for the same purpose.

Uses of solar energy:

  • Many households use this natural form of energy in heating, drying, and cooking purpose.
  • Solar cookers are nowadays used to cook food with the help of Sun’s energy.
  • To produce electricity via heat engines or solar cells
  • To remove salt from seawater.
  • To use the heat of the sun’s rays to dry towels and clothes.
  • Used by plants for performing photosynthesis procedure.

Health Benefits of Sun

Besides the above benefits, there are many ways in which sunlight benefits the human body.

Source of Vitamin D: Natural sunlight provides Vitamin D. This vitamin is called the sunshine vitamin. It is very important for protecting the body against inflammation, reducing high blood pressure, aids in muscle growth, enhancing brain function and protection against prostate cancer. Spending fifteen to twenty minutes daily under sunlight is sufficient to get the daily recommended value of Vitamin D.

Improves sleep quality: Exposure to morning sunlight is associated with improved health and sleep. It is very important for the overall well being of a person. Exposure to sunlight makes a big impact on the seasonal affective disorder, sleep quality and depression.

Weight Loss: Addition of sunshine to your life even assists in weight reduction. There is a scientific reason behind it. Lack of sunlight leads to depression that impacts the appetite of a person. Hunger is monitored by hypothalamus gland located in the brain. When a person doesn’t get adequate sunlight, this gland reduces the levels of serotonin in the body. This gives signals to the brain of not achieving the feeling of fullness. Exposure to sunlight aids in controlling your appetite that in turn helps in promoting weight management in a person.

Lowers BP: High blood pressure has been considered as the cause of several deadly diseases like diabetes, heart attack, etc. One of the natural and safe ways to bring down risky blood pressure levels is by exposing yourself to sunlight. Nitric oxide deposited at the topmost skin layer reacts to sunlight. This causes the vessels of blood to dilate as soon as the oxide reaches the blood. The result is seen in the form of a reduction in blood pressure of a person. In this way, sunlight acts as a potential method to manage blood pressure levels in a person.

Reduces Alzheimer’s symptoms: Research has proved that sunlight is beneficial for people who suffer from Alzheimer. Daily exposure to bright sunlight for a few minutes helps in reducing depression, nighttime wakefulness, and agitation.

Strong bones: Vitamin D acts as one of the essential ingredients for the better development of bones. This vitamin aids our body system to absorb calcium from the food effectively and make bones healthier and stronger.

Fights skin issues: Health experts reveal that sunshine is powerful in fighting off skin ailments. It does so by attracting immune cells in the body that effectively cures infections or ailments on the skin surface such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Healthy eyes: Sunlight is also good for your eyes. Vitamin D is associated with better eyesight and reduces its aging. This vitamin is not just beneficial, but also have a curative impact on the eyes of a person.


So, in these ways, Sun proves to be very important for the overall health of a person. Sun’s rays enhance better functioning of all the major organs of the body. This renewable source of energy assist plants in the formation of food and help us generate cheaper electricity too.

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